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Re: --Purpose of this Forum--Goal-The Answer is Blowing in the Wind-- by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   9/17/2009 3:59:32 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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all this tempest!!! It's a great "secret", that is, it's virulently kept hidden, but the ego loves to go over and over its 'sins', while God knows nothing of sin. Sin is simply error that is 'allowed', because of free will. It's not "of God", but neither does God interfere. Nor would God bless any fight, or crusade, despite the songs and battlecries and prayers to ask for that. (And the assertions that God is on "our side")

You are free to 'build your temple where you see fit, but where your heart is, there too your treasure lies, (to roughly paraphrase).

If you put "your heart into' preaching, and (believing in) righteously saving others from their "sins", and their "lack of backbone", you risk falling into the trap yourself, of thinking you are separate from them.

And then, you have separated yourself from God. (and denied yourself God's peace and Love) Simple. God loves All. All.

God has nothing to do with war, or any of these follies. God is a God of love and "the peace beyond all understanding". << The clue in that is that 'thinking things over and over', to solve some perceived problem, and engaging with the opinions of others, and getting caught in "understanding" -which is always changing, and subject to the propensities of character, while Truth of God is unchanging - and crusading for one's beliefs: all these are a form of very self-limiting enprisonment.

The "problem" is never what we think it is. It is always separation from Oneness. Always. Oneness that includes all others, and sees past all illusions - otherwise known as forgiveness.

These tempests of emotion that swell up repeatedly use up vital energy that could go to quiet self-reflection, and the extending of realized peace to others *and* one's self. The same! (rather than new preachings of sin and error)

As you learn to see God in yourself, (not in some 'thinking way', but really seeing) you will see God in your brother,
(not some sinner who's erred and keeps on doing it). You'll acknowledge God is the essence of all others, as well, and your heart will open more and more.

If you do not so this, you merely imprison and exile yourself from the Peace of God.

If you do look within, More, and 'without', Less, you'll then lose all interest in going looking for debate, or to see what's been said about you, or the pH principles, and you'll stop needing to post about others at all--it'll fall away, as if it were nothing but dust! Which it is.

You won't even need to concern yourself with such small ideas as banning. it'll all move elsewhere, becaue you won't be setting your vibration low enough to draw that kind of energy.

You'll just share -here- what you've been blessed to learn and what rightfully belongs to others anyway, since we keep nothing for ourselves but love, (which is of God) and even that is not "special".

God knows no "specialness" of "I" or "he" or "she". That's ego's idea.

There's no need to become a crusader to save -or defend- God. Or God's word. (or one's own self or one's ideas.)
God needs no saving.

There really is *no* problem, if you do not stray into other forums, and get yourself trapped in believing you are at the head of some required crusade.

Stay 'at home', and be the peace you seek.
and be happy!

Chiron. It's all so simple a child could see it, but we, of course are all "adults". That is our loss.


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