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ready to give up by littlejo ..... The Candida Diet

Date:   9/17/2009 7:48:41 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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please help me, for 4 years i have been getting these symptoms on and off, am having a bad day are the symptoms i have that come and go

blurred vision in left eye
pain in left eye
pain and fullness feeling in left eyelid, double eyelid on left, single line on right (i think this means its swellign up?)
light headed
slight headache
numbness in left littlw finger
slight pain when press left cheek
cloated tummy
back pain (feels like spine is tight) hurts when bend down
ache under eyes
very dry skin
not feeling with it
spaced out feeling
caant concentrate
new symptom recently...pain in left nostral

symptoms i have all the time are
soft nails
nails that 'flake'
dry skin no matter how much water i drink
premature ageing , lines around mouth
pale nail bed
always cold
hair thinning
bunion doubled in size over last year
sounds stupid but nose grown bent as more bone growing over the last year???
saggy skin
loss of elasticity
loss of muscle tone
aches and pains , general
dr found nothing wrong, thyroid fine, they dnt think i need a brain scan?/ i think i do!
dr keeps saying its anxiety
i have done parasite and liver cleansing
i take multivitamin, drink lots of water, i take luguls, i am not on amy medication. i feel like giving up, my eyelid looks stupid , it hurts, im tired, i cant see properly and opthamologist cant find a thing wrong!!!! please help me please


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