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Re: UNDECENOIC acid - anybody used this? by ruff magruff ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   9/12/2009 11:25:42 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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i dont know if they are specifically hard on the liver. but i do know that at 3 months ago i had been on antfungals for 4 months and my intestines were inflamed and i had such severe fatigue...after i stopped taking them and eased up on the diet, eating more fruit and sugars, probiotics, but avoiding all food (grain, nuts, vinegar) i was reactive to. my gut began to heal and now my symptoms are much less severe then they used to be.

in short antifungals were making my life intolerable. i do not know whether they were responsible partially for getting me where i am now. i still have some symptoms of dysbiosis so i know they didnt cure me. i would say that the most effective thing i did was avoid every food i am reactive to and do little to no agressive treatment (only maintaining digestion with betaine hcl, digestive enzymes, and fiber/clay/charcoal/DE)

so i would say try it, and as long as your intestines dont get bloated and inflammed and tingly or crackly or itchy i think are the feelings, and watch out for constipation, then you will be in good shape.

as for an enema, i was using a cheap balloon tool that i would have to squeeze and do 4 balloon fulls cuz it was so small

...i would suggest using the bigger bags that you hang above your head and just open the valve and it flows naturally instead of forced. rubbing your abdomen the whole time to relax the muscles. using warm (body temp) water really relaxes me, maybe add a pinch of himalayan salt if i feel deficient...and doing at least two flushes, by which i mean fill your bowels-retain for as long as you can, squirt it out and go again. the first time i would just use warm water and the second time warm water with some pre/probiotic mixed in is key...lying on your back, slightly elevated with your head down and butt up, if you can figure out to maneuver that(i was outside on a hill) legs up, and using lube. its really about relaxing and letting it happen. an enema should leave you feeling very relaxed. never rush or stress when you do it.

absolutely treating this absorbs most of my life. it makes my energy levels and stress levels so that i have to really pace myself and rest alot.

being outdoors in the sun and fresh air exercising or just laying in the sun makes me feel better and im sure cures me as much as any supplement. also getting hugs and love and just plain acceptance really helps me relax and improves my condition immensely. im sending as much love and support as i can your way! you have to beleive you can get better!

open yourself up to love, let it flow from yourself, and it will flow from others to you.

to health!
peace be
love free



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