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Re: acne and liver flushing....please reply by v3sp3r ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   9/12/2009 3:26:19 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hi LF20, this is a story of work in progress, not a "complete success" one but perhaps you'll find it usefull. I don't know exactly what the difference between acne,eczema,ringworm,red kind of Seborrhea etc but I always had a problem of red or pink small patches on my skin. So let's treat it as "ugly skin and liver connection" category.

Since my problem was not big, I always could control it with some sort of ointment - I paid many many visits to skin doctors, it was diagnosed as ' Seborrheic Dermatitis ', 'genetic' and 'related to hormones'. It was always on my face, on my chest (middle) and on my back (opposite to the point in the middle of chest). Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. Normally almost unnoticeable but after each shower I had to apply these ointments so it remainded under control and nobody was able to see it.

And at some moment I stopped to accept it, it's that simple. I was always very fit, always on healthy Diet so I thought I deserve nice skin, free of problems

[... here the story with LFs and various cleanses goes, around 1 year... ]

Normally after each Liver-Flush the skin got better, but with time it returned to worse condition. Only the last one, which yielded (sorry but the picture seems to be more complicated than just clogged bile flow) around 50 flukes and other strange things, cleared permanently chest and back.

Face and ear area is still uncertain (now it's clear but seems to worsen and get better from day to day). On top of that, I still get ocasionally very oily forehead and I don't know why :( I'm ayurvedic vata/pitta so it's at least uncommon if not completely wrong.

I'm almost 30, vegetarian since around 1 year, # of flushes... i think around 10 or 11 but i'm not sure

I'll be happy as hell to provide you some updates and hope that/encourage other people on this forum to share their thoughts too

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