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Re: are you sure its not grapefruit cells? by v3sp3r ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   9/6/2009 12:48:35 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hi Schnelli,

so you mean the pieces of grapefruit entered GI tract, got thicker & tougher there, got armed with suc***s and filled themself (most probably with the help of the osmosis) with lymph-like, dense substance. Well, for a very aggresive grapefruit it's like Adidas (impossible is nothing) :-)

Jokes aside... I might be paranoid and my test might not have been be sufficient as you say. Given my past of a sinner (raw/smoked fish), I'm just scared : it's enough to visit just ONE wrong sushi bar to get infected and I did it a couple of times.

I'll follow your advice and make sure no such pieces of a grapefruit are used next time or will simply use lemon juice which i carefully sift.

One observation though:
I saw similar 'pieces' during my previous LF, but just a few of them. I don't really understand why now there are more of them - could this be due to full moon (now) ? I used to do LFs on new moon but knowing that parasites are weaker during full moon (they have to reproduce more intensively) I will perhaps consider it from a different perspective. Bluntly, I did LFs with only (!) Gallstones on my mind (to improve digestion etc) and now, considering that Gallstones might be actually liver's defense mechanism against flukes, I'm not sure if parasite target shall be more important.

Please let me know about your next results/observations, that's what makes us stronger

Cheers Vesper

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