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Re: WooHOO! FANTASTIC!!!! Re: Oh. My. GOSH. (warning: graphic photo!) by BundlesA1 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   9/5/2009 10:02:52 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Uny, thank you SO much for the reply! You are so generous with your time and knowledge.

I have to make this short because I'm traveling this weekend and haven't started packing yet. Yikes.

Dairy / Kefir / Sinus infections & "allergies"

I think you're right re. the kefir and dairy. You see, I've developed a sinus infection and major allergy symptoms this week that I attributed to allergies and mold in the air. (Texas summers. ugh.) I hadn't had a sinus infection in a couple years until this... (used to have them frequently). In addition I've been walking around with eyes red, running, itching, twitching (all 4 eyelids!), and puffy!

My thinking: Maybe I have candida, and to fight it, I need to increase the good flora. I'd been reading that kefir was fantastic for this and that the lactase it creates (after secondary ferment) "neutralizes" the lactose etc and so it doesn't have the usual bad effect that dairy can normally have. (?)

But this recent sinus infection and "allergy problem" sure makes me suspicious.

(I've been experimenting with fermented sauerkraut and kimchi and pickles... Just not as delicious as a kefir smoothie. 8-(  )

Will cut it out for a few days and observe the difference.

Timing of IF2

I got it. The directions you posted above make this crystal clear, too. Okay... I'm about halfway through my supply and I'm jazzed about how effective it is, so I'm going to order more and move forward doing it the right way (5x/day)... 

By the way, over the past 3 years, I've done 3 Colonix colon cleanses, and a Blessed Herbs colon cleanse. I'm sure they are good products, but i'm having fabulous results with IF#2. All this time I assumed my colon must have been fairly clean to begin with, since the other cleanses didn't yield much (better results with Colonix than Blessed Herbs). Now I'm feeling like I'm finally getting it clean with IF#2. I really hadn't thought this formula would make that much difference!

Garlic and Flukes

Ha! You got it! Garlic and my mexican food dinner... I adore salsa and this restaurant has fantastic salsa. Hot (picante) hot with fresh cerrano peppers, fresh cilantro and lots of garlic! JUST the way I like it. I ate a ton of it with chips. Probably a full cup.

[An aside here: Were these flukes actually pieces of tomato, for anyone wondering? No definitely not. I know how flukes feel. They have a tough rubbery consistency and don't mush like pieces of tomato would. Also, they have a distinctive shape... Kind of like a mango, flattening out at the ends. In the photo some are pieces of flukes, and the bigger ones look like very mature flukes and are all partial pieces)

I will most definitely follow your advice re. fresh garlic cloves and coffee enemas. But dang, I just can't start it this weekend. (Not to mention i'm still new with the enema equipment and I tend to spray coffee all over the bathroom. Mom wouldn't appreciate it in her bathroom.)

Battle plan for Nuking Flukes

(and general health improvement)

Thanks again, Unyquity! Feel like I'm finally on the right track.




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