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Oh. My. GOSH. (warning: graphic photo!) by BundlesA1 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   9/4/2009 10:36:09 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Wow, just had to share my experience with you, and ask you what you think, Uny..

I've been taking IF1 and IF2 (intestinal formulas 1 & 2) that I purchased from Unyquity... I've also been drinking milk kefir that i've been making for about a week and a half.

So yesterday I had a really bad gas attack. I mean BAD... I had dinner plans & went ahead and went, and like a dummy ate Mexican food of all things. So by the time i got home last night I was in some serious pain.

I realized it must be related to the bowel cleanse, and I had only had one bowel movement so far, so I did a coffee enema (with my new bucket enema, which rocks by the way). It gradually brought relief, and I also expelled a lump that looked like it contained parasites (roundworms or something like that). I figured that was what brought on the episode.

Today I also had some gas & was uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Tonight I finally had a 2nd bowel movement of the day, and OH MY GOSH. I looked in the bowl and saw all these liver flukes floating there! I was dumbfounded. (and horrified and astounded...)

So for your edification, I extracted them one by one, till I gave up realizing there were just too many of them. Maybe a hundred. (is that POSSIBLE?!) Also some more worm-type parasites and a bit of mucoid plaque. Also, some of the flukes were bigger & darker -- more mature I guess. And lots of fluke pieces.

Now I have to tell you I've done several colon cleanses, 5 liver flushes (very unimpressive results), and 3 parasite treatments (including 2 rounds of Humaworm). In all this time i've only come across a few flukes. Maybe 5 total. And only the odd worm-type parasite here or there (hard to tell b/c they're usually partially digested). So this is quite amazing to me.

I'm NOT eating as healthily as I should be. I'm not taking the IF2 five times/day as I should be. (I'm taking about a rounded Tbsp twice/day instead). The only other new thing I'm doing is drinking milk kefir - about 2 cups/day at this point (making from grains).

What do you think brought about this sudden "success"? Do you think the colon cleanse had this effect -- killing these critters? (could IF 1 & 2 do this?)... Could the kefir be messin' with the microflora enough to knock off some parasites?... Or do you think maybe the coffee enema did it? ... (I do have to say it was the 3rd one I've done but by far the best. Was able to retain 2-3 cups for 15 min.)

Here's the photo from tonight's adventure for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure there were many many more than this in total:

Feeling lighter, (ha)



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