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1st Flush & something weird by clary ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/2/2003 10:08:10 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Did my first official flush last night. Dr. Clarks-Grapefruit & oil. Also mixed some of the grapefruit juice in with the espon salts along with a pinch of C powder (actually killed the espon taste enough that it didn't gag me).

I've been doing P&B shakes and lemonade cleanse for about 2 weeks already so my body seemed to be prepared for the liver/gallbladder cleanse. I passed alot of chaff ? just after the 1st & 2nd epson drinks. This AM and throughout the day got alot of stones, many sizes the largest the size of a pea. I was surprised I didn't expect that many the first time. I'm still getting stones this eve.

What I'm curious about is what looked like coffee grounds ? So I looked at one under a magnifier and it looks the shape of a fat lima bean. The surface almost looks metallic with kinda blackish areas and craters like the surface of the moon. Are these eggs of somekind ? This is really grossing me out. A lot of these things came out...I guess that's good (It would be even better if I knew ALL of them came out.) Does anyone know what the heck these are ?

So I intend to flush every 2 weeks until I see no more stones ? I think I read somewhere that's what I should do...or can you do it once a week ?

Thanks also for all the great info and encouragement I get from this site...although I mostly read here because I'm still learning, you all are such great people and such wonderful inspiration.


P.S. My energy level is still through the roof....and I'm still cleaning the heck out of my house...I'm so happy I found you guys !! (So is my husband)

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