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Re: scared i suppose? by #23955 ..... Female Facial Hair Support Forum

Date:   9/7/2005 5:46:06 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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> Im in my early 20's and have had a problem with
> facial hair since i was about 13. I have never
> been to the doctors, or talked to anybody about it.
You're not alone -- plenty of us here like you. My moustache really took off in earnest when I was 14.

> I was managing to keep it under control using removal
> cream and tweezers, but over the last few months it has
> got harder to manage, especially on my chin. It looks
> like i have a permanent shaving rash.
Hair removal cream is OK for fine hair, but only if you've got really tough skin. Plucking/tweezing/waxing is again OK for fine hair, but when used on coarse terminal hair growth that's hormonally-fuelled generally creates problems eventually and can even encourage the growth of coarser hairs with twisted follicles resulting in them growing at strange angles.

> I have never shaved it and i dont wish to.
How you deal with it is a matter for your choice and no-one else's. However, I've found that shaving with a men's type electric shaver to be an absolutely brilliant way of dealing with it. I have coarse hair in my moustache and on my chin and I've never been convinced that there's a better answer than shaving.

> Its really getting me down coz i am always paranoid about it.
> I know i should go to the doctors but i just cant bring myself
> to do it.

Don't assume that the average doctor will be too concerned. They've all seen countless women with moustache and beard growth and if the patient is otherwise healthy, they don't seem to take much interest. The way they tend to look at it is that while in general men are somewhat hairier than women, there are plenty of women who have more facial and body hair than many men and if there are no other medical problems, it's no big deal as far as most doctors are concerned.

> i know i really should go to the docs. i'll have to try
> to pluck up the courage! Will keep you posted.

Do keep us posted as to the checks they make and what they recommend.

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