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27th day of a fast and elevated bilirubin by #117950 ..... Ask Dennis Hardy ND

Date:   7/17/2009 3:57:45 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hi Dr. Hardy,

I am on the 26th day of a fast (have not decided how long to fast yet...just taking it one day at a time). The first 23 days were on the master phase of the Arise and Shine cleanse. In addition to the shakes and herbal supplements, I added some additional nutritional supplements including some amino acid supplements (L-tyrosine, GABA Calm, 5-HTP, DLPA, Balanced Amino Acid supplement), multi vitamin, high lignan flax oil. Over the course of the fast I have also been having vegetable broth, watered down grapefruit juice, and a vegetable juice blend.

I have now shifted to just taking fresh vegatable juices and water.

I am 5'11 and weight 359 lbs. I started the fast at 396.

Yesterday, I picked up some ph test trips to see how my ph was holding up. The only test strips I could find also included about 12 other tests (the strips were urine test strips. When I looked at everything, it was all normal except for bilirubin.

The chart for bilirubin indicated 4 possible readings - negative, + for small, ++ for moderate, and ++ for large.

Based on the color indicated, the urine tested + for small. Is it normal for bilirubin to be slightly elevated on a prolonged fast or should I go have a liver panel done?

I was planning on doing another 14 days of juice fasting with no additional supplements except for the flax seed oil and the addition of apple cider vinegar to the juice once a day (for blood pressure).

So far, I feel ok. My blood pressure is down from 160/100 to 135/90 (sometimes as low as 125/85). My energy level is up and down but I generally feel ok...other than boredom.

Should I continue with my fast until I feel hungry again or do I need to break it in light of the bilirubin indication?

In the past I have occasionally tested for slightly elevated liver enzymes but nothing that a doctor felt warranted further investigation.

Most of the extra weight I carry has come on in the last 7 years. Although I have never been diagnosed with liver disease, I am guessing that my liver is equally overburdened by the extra fat.

I have Nature's Way Thisilyn but I was waiting until after the fast to start taking it. Should I take it now to help the liver during the fast?

Sorry, I know I have a lot of questions but I am overseas and there really isn't anyone in my area from whom I can seek advice.


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