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Epsom Salts NOT "required" for anything on the IP :) [edit] Re: Call me crazy but I actually find this tasty by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   7/7/2009 4:57:17 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Epsom Salts DO have a purpose in liver flushing, but they're not technically "natural" (far from it), and tens of thousands of livers & gallbladders have been successfully & safely flushed without their use.

Because most people have been conditioned to believe the use of the ES is *vital* for safety & efficacy, I will not argue with anyone about using them or not. But I most definitely WILL state the function (as well as the possible harm) of ES in a liver flush, and offer natural options.

What function does Epsom Salts serve in a liver flush?

--Ingesting ES causes water to be drawn from the bloodstream into the intestinal tract (hence it's 'claim to fame' as a laxative) - the excess water causes what liver-flushers commonly refer to as 'butt pee' (urgent diarrhea). Why would we want to do this? The first round clears out the digestive tract, making it easier to see/find what has been flushed from the liver. AND, the doses in the morning help to ensure that none of the toxic debris hangs around in the intestines to assimilate into the bloodstream (which, depending upon the amount left hanging around, can compromise the body/liver substantially).

-- Epsom Salts also "relaxes" the biliary network, and causes the gallbladder to contract slightly - this makes it a bit easier for debris to exit the liver as it's being flushed along by the bile. The doses the next day do the same, hence encouraging any lingering debris that's "close to the exit" to go on through.

***HOWEVER, this action is very hard on the body/kidneys. Taking water from the bloodstream serves to both dehydrate the body AND throw the electrolytes out of whack. How far out of whack? Some people have passed out from the electrolytic imbalance & dehydration, and many (including me) are negatively affected by having a difficult time functioning physically & mentally (within 20-30 minutes of taking 1 Tablespoon of Epsom Salts my balance is off; I become "fuzzy dizzy" and VERY clumsy; my ability to mentally process incoming information is degraded by at least 30% (simply put, it makes me stupid)...and if I take the 4 doses recommended in The Clark Flush , by the morning of the 2nd day my kidneys are aching, too...and it generally takes a least a full day to recuperate fully. On the other hand, there are some people that have virtually no adverse effects from Epsom Salts (or at least, none that be seen/felt).

Note: some people do not get diarrhea from taking Epsom Salts - this is commonly attributed to having a magnesium shortage, but I've never seen that "proven", only commonly repeated.

Yet, the fact remains that the biliary system is fully capable of expanding to accommodate the safe/successful release of biliary & gallbladder stones and debris. If it weren't, our livers & gallbladders would swollen and burst LONG before we reached young adulthood (or before). Dr. Schulze knew this, and NEVER used Epsom Salts (that we know of) for ANY person that flushed their liver, no matter HOW compromised they were. Of course, he utilized ginger & garlic (and other herbs) as well as hot/cold, foot reflexology & castor oil packs to assist the flush process (we know this from here: //

By adding coffee enemas to the process (and lots of good prep-work, including Schulzes 5-day cleanse) before the first flush), we assure that "good flow" established BEFORE doing a big flush. And by using IF#2 [edit! make that IF#1 !!] and coffee enema/s the day after a flush, we ensure that everything that comes out of the liver makes it's way to the toilet the next day...without the use of harsh Epsom Salts.

coffee enemas also dilate the biliary ducts, increase the flow of bile AND they create intestinal peristalsis (ensuring rapid passage of the debris from the liver & gallbladder). Hence I believe that one/two coffee enemas the day after a flush accomplishes the same thing as the harsher Epsom Salts...and they also assist in the cleansing the blood from toxins & free radicals (that seems like a FAR saner choice than ES to me). And if one prepares their coffee enema for the next day, the night of the flush - if one happens to experience any pain or discomfort, they can always do a coffee enema to relieve the discomfort immediately.

Many (many!) people -including myself- have seen liver/gallbladder debris in the toilet after doing a coffee enema! From gallbladder to toilet in less than 30 MINUTES? Now THAT's peristalsis!

So (all that being elaborated) I do not believe that Epsom Salts are a necessary part of the Liver Flush protocol. Dr. Schulze never used them (Dr. Christopher didn't utilize Liver Flushing as we know it today). But if one feels more comfortable/safer using them, I will not "officially" recommend against their use (unless the kidneys/adrenals are compromised). The one thing I know for sure? Epsom Salts is not natural - no one ever saw an Epsom Salts plant :::grin:::

Flush ON!



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