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Re: great prices here~~ by Zoebess ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   7/6/2009 11:16:12 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Ha-ha~~ :p

You are NOT giving enough away then.
I have a 50 lb bag I have stashed
for when the heck hits the fan and
the UPS man no longer makes deliveries.
Otherwise, I probably have given away
20 pounds already. Just this morning,
my former husband wrote thanking me
for strongly encouraging him to try
the jar I had sent to him during the
holidays. I told him I would be glad
to be wrong but if I were right and
he did feel better, it would be one
of the best disciplines he could
develop. So, now he is on the band
wagon, and our daughter just bought
20 pounds since she also has found it
helped her feel better.

I am not sure if I posted this link
before, but it highlights the need
in these times for supplementing with
silica and also how DE is effective
in helping to deal with the detox
of the toxins that living modern day
lives burden us with.

I would hope that if you find the DE
helping you that you will find success
in encouraging those you love to try it
also. Except for those too lazy to keep
taking it, I have had success in helping
others realize the benefits of using it.
I imagine that my word of mouth has moved
hundreds of pounds so far in the time I
have been passing out pint and quart jars
of it.

When transferring it to a jar, I use a
funnel designed for use in canning. Be
sure to take care not to inhale it.

EVERYONE~~if DE is helping you, don't
keep it a secret~! Share your success
stories with us and others. DE is such
a cost-effective option in building and
maintaining good health.

best wishes,



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