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Re: Dra Clark by jessesmom1987 ..... Hulda Clark Support Forum

Date:   7/5/2009 12:12:30 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I have to tell you this sincerely.
I know how long Pioneer1 has been doing this, the same amount of time that I have been. When people are as sick as she and I both were when we started all of this (after spending thousands on medical Dr's, and I literally mean I spent $30,000 before I discovered the core causes of why I was so sick with my liver)...the WORST thing a person can do that truly does have a sick liver can to do a couple of flushes, not also kill the parasites...and stop.
The WORST thing.

When I say I have had a sick liver to deal with, I mean I would not be here right now had it not been for killing the parasites IN the liver, and liver flushing. I turn 50 in another month. I have been working at this for 2 years, but my husband and the Naturopath Dr would both tell you the same thing. I would be dead right now had I continued to try to find answers from medical Dr's.

Dr Sutter will tell you he had liver cancer, and was also deathly sick, to the point of knowing he was dying when he started this too. He stopped counting his Liver Flushes at 450...and for several months, he had to do Liver Flushes every single day because his liver would plug right back up with stones..and he also had a big load of parasites.

The longer a person has been sick, the more likely they are going to find they have a load of parasites too.

You've found how full of stones you are with the 5 liver flushes. There is no way you have them all cleaned out, and not continuing to keep them coming out with more regular liver flushes, is a good way to cause the very problems you are experiencing now.

If you have Dr Clark's book, she says to be killing the parasites, and then Liver Flush consistenly every 2 weeks.
The flush you probably followed from Dr Schultze, doesn't talk about killing the parasites too...and it does not use Epsom Salts to open the bile ducts. One CZ friend gave it a try, after doing other liver flushes, and got very sick from doing it as he says to do it (2 oz of oil, 2 oz of orange juice every hour for 4 hours)..and she didn't get a very productive flush out of it.
It also has no preperation ahead of time with softening the stones in any way.

I would get started doing other types of flushes, and especially with the yellow stool (indicating a lodged stone is blocking bile), get started ASAP (and get started immediately killing parasites too).

Here's a post by Charly with his flush instructions. With your plugged up bile ducts, this could be done consecutive days too. I have no problem doing the coke flush consecutive nights, as long as I take the Epsom Salts the morning after taking the flush ingredients. They don't have to be taken again the consecutive night before the flush, just in the AM if doing them back to back.



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