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Re: Dra Clark by jessesmom1987 ..... Hulda Clark Support Forum

Date:   7/5/2009 11:52:05 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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The quantity of the ingredients you took, sounds like the Schultze "big" flush. With that flush, those amounts are mixed up, but split up and drank every hour for 4 hours..not all at once.

You said you did 5 flushes..but how long has it been since you did the last one?

With all the stones you said you cleaned out during the flushes, if you have not done a flush recently, you could very easily have a lodged stone. I have no gallbladder, and have had to do many flushes because of large stones in my liver. I can feel the stones, and several times after a flush, I have had to take either an extra dose of the Epsom Salts (1 TB in 8 oz of water), or take more of the oil/juice mixture...and every time I have done that (listening to my gut instinct), there has definetly been a stone passed that would have caused problems had I not followed through and left it there.

Different substances do affect ways that the liver works. Coffee speeds up the first phase of how the liver detoxes. Grapefruit juice slows down the first phase of the liver detox process. Which is not a bad thing..unless you are taking some kind of pharmaceutical drugs that are then staying longer in your system than they should be.

Most people that have problems with the liver, have the first phase working too quickly, and the 2nd phase working too slowly. The way the Naturopath Dr that had me do the liver test to see how my liver was detoxing substances explained it to me...think of it like a river. The phase 1 process is working too quickly to do it's job in sending the toxins down the river for the 2nd part to then send the toxins down whichever pathway it needs to go to be detoxed. If the 2nd part of the process has a dam in the detox river...the toxins back up instead of being processed and eliminated as they should.

It's confusing even for those that understand English, but it would be even harder to understand with a limited amount of English.

One thing I got very sick from, when I started doing Liver Flushes with my very sick liver...was not knowing to also kill the parasites that I later found were plugging up my liver. Medical Dr's would have never found the main causes of my sick liver. I had MANY parasites plugging up my liver, which took me 14 months straight to kill before I stopped seeing the visible ones in the toilet (non-stop).

I was fortunate to have the help of a good Naturopath Dr, that had experience with working with patients with parasites, but even the ND type Dr's don't often have an understanding of how important it is to kill the parasites.

Liver Flushing was also part of what he has his patients do too. It is important that both things be done, because not only do the live parasites plug up the liver (gallbladder too), but when you are also killing stuff, the dead stuff also plugs up the liver.

I don't think you have done damage in any way with the amount of oil you used, and the grapefruit juice. The problem probably is from not continuing to do the Liver Flushes regularly after that, and more stones that need to come out..and parasites if you haven't been killing them too.

It would be better to do smaller flushes, more often. Many times, I have felt more stones needing to come out of my liver right away after doing a flush, and I have continued to take the oil mix several nights in a row to keep getting more stones out. Not small stones either, large stones. That is what is probably happening with you. You have more stones that need to come out.

Because of the size of the stones I have gotten, I do prefer to use the Epsom Salts , and have no problem with them. If a person is deficient in magnesium to begin with, taking the Epsom Salts can cause the reaction some people say they have from them. The liver detox pathway that I've found is not working well for me, requires sulfate, and epsom salts taken daily (or epsom salts baths) is what is needed. When I first started taking epsom salts for liver flushes, I did have the watery diarrhea reaction, but it was because of being magnesium deficient. I haven't had that type of severe reaction for some time now, after getting started with magnesium malate on a regular basis.

By themselves, taking epsom salts in water will stop a gallbladder attack.

When I first started with the parasite killing and liver flushing, I had a thorough blood test done as a "marker" test, through the ND. He wants to keep track of how patient's are progressing, and it was very interesting. My liver was still sick one year after gallbladder surgery. It showed as being sick from the liver enzymes continuing to be high on the medical tests. After 9 months of doing nothing more than colon cleansing (which was the very first thing the ND started me with, and continued with in addition to killing the parasites), plus parasite killing, and Liver Flushing regularly (no longer than 2 weeks in between liver flushes), not only had my liver enzymes made a big improvement, but so had other things on the test that were indicating problems for the heart. Big improvements.

Telman, on the Liver Flush Forum , has been a big help to me. If you don't mind, I can post your information of what you have been experiencing and your fears of having done damage with the large amounts you took.

Charly, also on the Liver Flush Forum , does a flush that is used for cancer patients...and it only uses 2 oz of oil, and 2 oz of citrus juice, and works well.

The Liver Flush that the ND gave me directions for, is the exact Coke flush that Dr Sutter gives instructions for (which originally called for 8 oz of oil, 4 oz of citrus juice, and 8 oz of coca cola) it was from a man that worked with Schultze (Sam Biser).

The flush calls for taking 1 qt of apple juice per day, for 3 days prior to the flush, with 90 drops of phosphoric acid drops in the apple juice. The malic acid in the apples is the reason for the apple juice, because it softens stones in preperation for the flush. But, people that have candida (which many people have), should not be taking that much sugar, natural or not. That's why I take the magnesium malate, which is magnesium with the malic acid in it. I did take the phos drops in water for some time, which is also what the ND's instructions say to do for people who are diabetic or have candida, instead of the apple juice. But, because of having a calcium problem already, from having a high level of Lead in my bones, what people aren't understanding is that phosphoric acid interferes with the absorption of calcium in the intestines...especially if taken regularly over a long period of time.

I have had no problems with just taking the magnesium malate instead of apple juice...and doing the epsom salts 2x before the flush, and 2x the next morning after the flush, and not taking the phosphoric acid. From all the information I've read about it, phosphoric acid is used to dissolve calcified stones (including kidney stones). I don't have calcified stones. The malic acid works to soften the stones I have, without taking the phosphoric acid...the epsom salts do their job to relax the bile duct so the stones can pass through.

I know I can not take the oil/juice mix without the 4 oz of coke mixed in with it. The coke makes a big difference in settling the oil so I can sleep all night without being nauseous. That's the main purpose for the coca cola.

This is alot of information, but if you have done liver flushes, got a lot of stones, and then stopped doing Liver Flushes and are feeling worse..the very thing that may save your life is now doing liver flushes but on a consistent basis instead of big ones like you have done all at once.


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