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Re: Managing Fungal Infection Naturally? by Imtired ..... Ringworm Forum

Date:   7/2/2009 10:45:35 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Mamacatpatch is right, and Zinc is also used in many topical antifungal. The problem may very well be candida and bowel infections/pathogens. It was for me.
I used a very good clinic that UPS'ed herbal med.'s to me and cured my candida.( ~ down-load free e-book)
I have looked for the cheapest cures that I could pass along for ridding candida, but the real issue is lack of beneficial flora. The only way to permanently be rid of the yeast is to restore the flora.
The clinic started me on herbals, biotic silver for those who could afford it, and acidophilus (predominant in the small intestine), about 2 billion per hit. They kept increasing everything as I could tolerate it. After a month or so, they began adding bifidum (predominant in the large intestine). They kept increasing the dosage of good bacteria (these are cultures selected and developed to permanently attatch to the intestinal walls, unlike mere yogurt, which is a nice dessert. After about 8 months (I was in the extreme catagory) they took the herbs and silver away and bombarded my system with good cultures -- close to a trillion cfu/day. It felt like the candida was back, but it was sweeping through and cleaning like a "white tornado".
During the process, my chronic athletes foot disappeared, along with all of my symptoms from joint pain to hair loss.
My skin became clear; my breath; my bowels. I didn't realize how filthy I had become inside and out.
After several more months, I found that I had to begin reducing my thyroid hormone dosage until I stopped it altogether. The only thing left was the fatigue, so I found Dr. Wilson's book on adrenal .
The only other permanent cure that I have seen on-line for candida is a fellow from the UK who did everything/every supplement and finally tried to O.D. on probiotics, and it worked. So my theory is that people, esp' children can be cured my focusing on the good bacteria, but most professionals don't understand the strategy or quantity of application. That's why I brag on this clinic. They have a goal to get the job done in the best possible way. They have kept their prices down. They are the best I have found.
When I can't afford to buy what I need from them (I'm on disability) I make and take as many cultured foods as I can. Raw saurkraut/cultured vegetables, homemade kefir (I add a little salt to it instead of sugars -- it's a cultured milk product), kombucha tea.
You will have to eliminate sugars/starches 'til you get the candida under control. If you don't eliminate at least 95% of the yeast, it will not stay away. About 7% of people, because of diabetic conditions of the blood, can have the yeast in differnt areas of the body, and not just the G.I. tract. That is where the "biotic" silver is good. You can talk to a counsellor if you get their number. The more you learn, the more success you wiil have.

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