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Re: Soy is very bad for you by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   6/29/2009 11:47:32 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Why do you keep posting propaganda websites as "evidence"? These are not evidence of anything.

Do you realize how many common, healthy foods we consume on a daily basis that are higher in phytoestrogens than soy? Yams, flax seed, seaweeds, peas.......

And she mentioned evening primrose oil, which can definitely play havoc on the hormones. But she is going to ignore all these facts and blame soy all because she also read some phony propaganda site.

And think about the herbs used to TREAT cancer. Do you know how many of them are phytoestrogen sources. Red clover blossom for example contains the same exact phytoestrogens as soy, PLUS two others. Yet, I don't see any of these propaganda sites warning against red lover blossom. Or flax, or broccoli, or seaweeds, garlic, onions, cloves, cilantro, turmeric.....

This is why propaganda sites are worthless as evidence. They twist information to fit their viewpoint. Just like the videos you posted about amalgams. I love how they took a fresh amalgam in a glass jar sealed tight so no mercury vapor could escape then used a sniffer to show how much mercury there was. Well DUH!!! They must think the general public is pretty stupid! Well I guess some people are because they are falling for it.

As for as the thyroid goes, again they are being VERY misleading. Goitergens are inactivated by cooking or fermentation. Again, soy products are fermented or cooked. When was the last time you have seen someone eat raw unfermented soybeans?


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