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Re: MMS Produces Visible Results Again! by patientadvocate ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   6/20/2009 8:15:13 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Which is why I recommend long term, daily use and not 14 day course.

Which is why I recommend augmentation with alkaline substances.

The main questions are, and neither you nor I know the answers to these.

The 3 log reduction in viruses you refer to is with drinking water is it not? 3 log reduction there is no proof that this reduction is in active particles. This 3 log reduction can easily be explained by viral dormancy can it not. If it is dormancy or like you say partial killing of viruses, can't the infection compensate?... for if all of the viruses are not killed they simply re-multiply after mms therapy is stopped will it not?

This is all very interesting and so is your posting.

Of course I am using an OSIA guideline for sterilization of fluids, this cannot apply to our bodies I know.

This is extreme, but your goals of killing viruses based upon oxidation is one that takes dosages up to levels that can cause significant side affects.

Even yourself you admit that the level that does cause this 3 log reduction is cut in half and then consumed over twice the time period. (48 hours)

I am not, will not knock, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

All I am saying is that if you are sold on MSM the side affects are not benign nor non existant.

That if you are sold on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement dilute it and drink it all day.
Just like you are doing now! (suprise / suprise)


If you are sold on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , take heavy metalic salts just in case chlorine dioxide donates it's single bonded oxygen under low pp of O2.


Curious about the 3 log reduction figures you are using even though they cannot apply to human dosing.

Is this blood stream where this 3 log reduction occurs, where did they count these viral particles was it in water?

Who arrived at this figure?

Anyway, I am not knocking MMS. Just rationally progressing through basic facts and then connecting the dots. Trying to get the reader to dilute and augment instead of abandoning the MMS.

How can that be a bad thing especially if the side affects are not tolerable at current dosing?

thanks for your input and sharing of knowledge.

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