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leaky gut or allergies and intolerance which comes first by SOG25 ..... Allergies & Intolerance Forum

Date:   6/10/2009 6:14:02 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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new to curezone i am curently dealing with chronic health ailments such as leaky gut syndrome to the point i have bad fecal Body Odor and can taste and smell feaces in the back of my tongue and also have a wet ass for no apparent reason even though i wash it when taking showers or wipe my ass when i use the bathroom and it leaves my pant smelling like feaces and my nose and ear wax smells like foods i had the previous day at other times it smells like either feaces or rotten garbage and i also have gas, bloating, gerd ,acid reflux and every other form of irritable and inflammtory bowel symptoms and i also have chronic allergies and intolerance to foods,chemicals,pollens(enviroment) and smells to the point i get severe stiffness and pain in my neck,joints,muscles after i eat and even afterwards it's still there i do have arthiritis too i am only 25 years old been been afflicted since i was 15 with everything from chronic fatigue symptoms,candida to enlarged and infected prostate i am on a diet now that consists of lima beans which makes me extremely bloated and gassy use the bathroom a lot but frozen lima beans doesnt give me that bad of a reaction the reason i m on this strict diet is i am intolerant to almost every food group with the exception of some vegetables and they can't sustain me i can't have any form of carbs cause they turn into Sugar and it triggers my candida which is already chronic and the fecal Body Odor what i wanna know is what is the root cause of this is it the allergies&intolerance or the leaky gut syndrome and how do i treat it what diet is viable given that i dont have a juicer so i can't juice dont know anything about raw dieting and does udo's choice advanced adult enzymes and ultimate oil blend help and where can i get them thanks for ur time need all ur helpful insights and suggestions

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