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Extreme bad body odor need advie please by #116323 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   6/7/2009 10:24:15 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone I am new on here. I have been dealing with a extreme bad Body Odor and edema for 2 years now. I have seen 2 doctors one a regular medecine doctor and the other a dermatologist and they both did lab work on me and everything came back normal so it is not related to a medical problem as far as I know. IT all started 2 years ago at work when coworkers started making really rude comments about my Body Odor being intolerable. People would ask the manager if they could move to a different area just so they would not have to be by me. I was basically constantly harassed and was the joke of the place everyday it made me feel horrible I could not believe people could be so cruel.I ended up quitting because I emotionally could not take it anymore. I also had to deal with rude comments when I was in the public or using public transportation and becuase of all this I barely leave the house and don't have much of a social life because of fear of rejection. I have good hygiene so I know that is not the problem. I use to get compliments on my perfume and I use to have great looking legs and now it is the opposite. The doctors said they did not notice a bad Body Odor and that it was probably all in my head but how can this be when I am basically told by others that I have a intolerable smell. I think my doctors just don't know what else to do considering all my labs turned out normal. I have tried chorophyll and it does not help much. I even spent over 100.00 on a pill my doctor prescribed for me which decreases sweating and it did not help much either. I am running out of options and suffering alot can someone please give me some advice any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

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