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Re: Dr. Jerk story today- update on trying to get DNA stool analysis by iloveamma ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/3/2009 4:11:02 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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And by the way...IBS is short for "I am not smart enough to figure out what is wrong with you" or "I am not open minded enough to figure out what is wrong with you." or "I have not done enough post graduate schooling to figure out what is wrong with you." or "I am paid too much money by the pharmaceutical company to figure out what is wrong with you." here...just take this pill...then I get paid, and you get sicker, then I make more YOU HAVE IBS. BS!!!!!
IBS is VERY OBVIOUSLY a parasite or bacteria that has been undiscovered...research it!!!
Forget it all..get your humaworm, your Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and say SCREW THE CRIMINALS!!!!
You can heal yourself.
MMS enemas are HUGE in parasite killings...same with coffee enemas...when I started those is when lots of stuff started coming out.
For YEARS, I have had "IBS"...with shooting pains in my rectum...I now drink Miracle-Mineral-Supplement water daily, and give myself Miracle-Mineral-Supplement enemas...amazing how I have not had shooting pains in my rectum since giving myself MMS enemas! Surprised??? You shouldn't be....I knew I had a bacteria or critter there that NONE of the colonoscopies or parasite cultures showed...and funny how, the pain is nearly GONE!!!!!
Do not fall for the IBS crap...take the power back and put your health into your own hands. You can find tests that you do NOT require a doctor to get. Genova Diagnostics in Europe has one, depending on where you around.

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