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Re: Vitamin c mega dose by Hveragerthi ..... Vitamin C Discussion & Support

Date:   6/2/2009 2:14:11 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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 Once again its obvious you are clueless to the the electromagnetic properties of minerals-Justdumb

You must really have a masochistic streak to want to make yourself look so stupid all the time!!! So what form of electromagnetic radiation do calcium and magnesium have? Radio waves? Microwaves? Infrared? Visible light? Ultraviolet? X-rays? Gamma-rays? Those are the only forms of electromagnetic radiation. So which one is it? I am sure a lot of people are dying to hear your answer and even more waiting for you to try and provide proof of your ridiculous claim!

and know nothing about how magnesium and calcium work together,

Actually I know more about calcium and magneisum than you could hope to learn in your lifetime.

which by the way are both essential minerals! Do you know what essential means???

Yes, and this does not mean safe. Water is essential, yet too much can kill you. Oxygen is essential, yet too much can kill you. And yes, calcium and magnesium are essential, but just like water or oxygen, too much can kill you dead. Do you know what dead means?

Yes you caught me on a typo

No, a typo is a missed letter or two, What you did was to make an error because you did not know the difference between ascorbic acid and ascorbate.

I know damn well the difference between ascorbic and ascorbate but at least I am not passing out dangerous advice!

ROTFLMAO!!!! You promote the rantings of a quack!!!! And you do not even understand what you are promoting. Like claiming that calcium and magnesium have electromagnetic energies when you have already been corrected on this in the past!!! In fact everything you have claimed has been disproven over, and over, and over...... Yet you still continue to make the same bogus claims and refuse to provide any evidence to your claims because you known they are bogus!!! This actually makes you more dangerous than the quack you promote. At least he quietly makes minor corrections in his statements when he is proven wrong without actually admitting he was wrong. You on the other hand continue to spew misinformation even after repeatedly being proven wrong!

But at any rate the posters reply proves you to be wrong,,,,, he is taking magnesium and not taking any calcium the exact opposite of what you tried to project!

ROTFLMAO!!!!!! If he is taking magnesium and not calcium like you just said then he is doing exactly what I was implying!!! You really are a trip Justdumb!!!! Go back and read my post to him. I mentioned his symptoms could be from TOO MUCH CALCIUM and A LACK OF MAGNESIUM, which because the calcium is a muscle contractor can lead to the muscle twitching and arrhythmias. Gee, so how would someone treat a problem of too much calcium and a lack of magnesium? Oh, that's right, they would eliminate the calcium and increase their magnesium. Could tis be so simple?!!! You bet!!!!

I don't care really about who is right or wrong here ,whats important is that people are not getting unhealthy or deceptive misinformation !

So quit posting your bogus claims and stop promoting that quack that has been disproven so many times. Tis that simple!!!


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