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Re: My Cure - STILL CURED SINCE DECEMBER by cureforcurezone ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   5/30/2009 8:02:39 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hey I wasnt saying it is caused by stress, mine was caused by an addiction to chapstick, which killed the outler layer of my protective skin on my lips, and it never grew back until i had many different procedures performed.

after it grew back it still peeled. For me, what I am saying, is that stress relief stops whatever it is in Ex cheilitis that makes the lips the way they are. Foe me, it works.

Like I said, everyone is different, some people have said similar things, that stress relief works, others kidney cleanses worked, other it just went away.

No my lips didnt magically stop. Truth is when I first started the stress relief they became worse. The body wasnt used to it. But then I found a way to manage the stress relief in conjunction to the peeling process. Since my lips peeled on average every 3 days I decided that on every second day, when it felt like the lips were building up the dead skin, i would perform the workout routine to relieve the stress.

By doing this, Im not sure how it worked, but after two months of the lips getting worse, they got better and better and better.

I think because I figured out a way to perform the routines at the exact time needed. 5 months ago, they were not perfect, better than before, but had there problems. The lips still peeled every 3 days but the peel became easier, lighter, more thin, and smaller over time, whereas now it just would flake off if it had too. I started the routine last July. I didnt perfect it or realize it was working to improve my lips until 3 months later. I actually started to get into shape.

So the benefit is if you follow my advice, you will get into shape, gain muscle, look better, and be more confident as well.


I wont lie, it was the hardest thing I ever did. I studies psychology and realized that it was an addiction, putting on the creams and balms.

I honestly just let the dead skin build up and then come off on its own. At times I would go to school, work, or out socially with the dead skin there. I didnt care about what people thought cause I was determined to get over this. I didnt date a girl for 4 years because of this. Now I cant seem to get enough of them, especially the kissing because I didnt have that for so long,

They just get better on their own. If I had to, when I began, I only used a natural balm with all natural ingredients, when they were at their worst. It helped remove the dead skin, over time I limited its use until I just was able to stop. Now, maybe, I put it on once every few months. I just dont need it, I actually think my lips look better than most peoples who dont have EC. Its the truth, youll see in the pics.

Ive been on this forum for as long as I can remember, looking to cure this problem, Im by no way any liar and am not doing this for any reason other than to try to help people because I know what it is like. Thats why I have the website.

Give me two weeks, Im busy and dont have much time but Ill try to get it done.

You need to get over the social aspect, say screw it, and take it like a man, lol, who cares if people look or think things. I got it all the time but now i see it was all worth it.


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