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Happy coffee enema by Cyrulis ..... Coffee Enema

Date:   9/7/2005 8:19:31 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Helow, fellow coffee enema users :)

We all know that coffee enemas make us feel better due to release of toxins through bile stimulation for the liver.
I was just wandering how come coffee enema floods me with lots of positive attitude? I mean it is quite different from that I feel better or even it makes me happy. Before that what made me the happiest and to have positive attitude was my drink of freshly squeezed OJ + raw egg yolks + hemp protein + maca powder (sometimes)

I suspect there is sometihing more to coffee enema than only getting rid of toxins. Maybe release of some neurotransmitter is stimulated or something? Gotta be something. Any ideas?

I once accidentally consumed about a pound of raw cacao beans in 24 hours along with lots of dried fruits. That was all I ate in that 24 hours. I got so high on that that I was so spacey walking around the village I live in that I was considering jus sitting down on a lawn. I felt I was flying I was happy I was flooded with the positive attitude.

But it was so stimulating, I was so high. Coffee enema achieves that without any stimulation...

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