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Re: Help to find the cure for this, please! by knowledge seeker ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   5/24/2009 11:48:04 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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get some bulk herbs at the health food store or coop as these are cheap or if you can't find, get them online by typing bulk herbs and the herb you want into the search engine. for best results, use organic or wildcrafted herbs as these are 7-10 times higher in the pytochemicals that cure and prevent disease

For example the first herb in the formula below is plantain
for your info, plantain (the weed is what you want not the banana} grows all over many states in lawns and park lawns. If you can find some not by highways and polluted these would be wildcrafted and free. You can tincture fresh or dry them

But let;s say you cant find them growing free and are buying online type into Google or yahoo the following words

plantain organic bulk herbs

you could also use wildcrafted bulk herbs plantain

if you just want an ounce or 4 ounces type that in the line as well.

repeat with each herb you need but back to the problem.

first take this formula for lymph infections

I looked up the formula in his book school of natural healing

it is 4 parts plantain
4 parts Black-Walnut
4 parts goldenseal
2 parts bugle weed
1 part marshmallow root
1 part lobelia

if given a choice chose cut and sifted herbs over powder.

Dr Christopher --master herbalist and father of modern herbology --says it kills infection, clears toxins from the lymph system. and is a natural infection fighter.

take 2 capsules 3 times a day or make a tea, put about 1/2 spoon in a tea ball and pour boiling water over it

or best yet make a tincture as these can be easily taken by the dropperfuls (for people weighing 150 take 2 dropperfuls 3-5 times a day) if you weight 300 take 4 dropperfuls 3-5 tines a day if he weighs 450 pounds then take 6 dropperfuls 3-5 times a day..figure his dose by using Clark's rule and his weight


for him I would also double the dose on the capsules and tea as he needs more as he is overweight..use clarks rule but

first best way to take herbs internally is a tincture
2nd best a tea (use distilled water as it is empty and extracts more pytochemcials that help you)
last and least effective--capsules

tinctures are easily absorbed and capsules are the tincture alcohol extracts more of the helpful chemical the tea more than the capsules

also definitely do several of the things recommended for gangrene which help blood poisoning..plaintain is good and grows right outside most doors and in parks or marshmallow root..I will put a link below.

I can mail you the links to schulze's incurables program which might be best but can be expensive but at least you can see how easy it is to make tinctures.
the videos and manuals may be of help and will teach you so much and give you hope.

I save about 90% making my own and they are much better than most tinctures on the sure to use at least 50-75% herbs and the rest the 80 or 100 proof vodka and let herbs soak in the alcohol shaking daily for at least 2 weeks..make sure when it settle the herbs are in the bottom 1/2 to 2/3 to be potent enough. herbpharm is also a brand I like

My mother had raging infections in her legs caused by an MRI pulling shrapnel from her bones...she had tons of it in her bones from stepping on a land mine like 50 years previously during the war and the doctors assured her nothing would happen and the MRI would not affect the metal in her bones or pull it out..

they were wrong -- the magnets of the MRI pulled some of the metal from her bones to her flesh and her legs got very infected. Nothing the doctors gave her helped. I put cayenne fomentations (cloth put into cayenne tea and wrung out and left them on for hours redoing it when they got cold and using them warm to hot but not hot even to burn you) but the next day all her infection was gone. (aside her comment to me was..."must have been something the doctors did" ..she never believed me even though everything I recommended always worked and often what the doctors said messed her up.) This should help his circulation plus it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and help him in various ways. Since cayenne is a catalyst herb, anything you take it with work better and gets to the cells/organs better.

So you might try that..also take cayenne internally while doing it as it helped the circulation..take circulation herbs like butcher's broom or horse chestnut.

If you like I can see if I can find some of his gangrene formulas and recopy them here or email them to you..let me know

poor guy..I feel for him..

not sure what kind of mental issue he has but you might get these books and read them and get some ideas for things that might help

1 seven weeks to emotional healing

2 change your Brain change your life

3 feeling good if this applies or if he is depressed.

check the library or inter-library loan to get the books or amazon
Also read the books of Peter Breggin like toxic psychiatry get him on high doses (3000 to 6000 mg) of fish oil and eat more omega three fat like canned or wild caught (not farm raised) salmon, mackerel, sardines or herring, raw walnuts, flax seeds and flax seed oil and/or chia seeds (salba) a supoerfood that has about 2700 mg per tbs and mixes well and without taste to most foods.

Get him on a good healthy Diet that reduces omega six fats and trans fats.

I recommend a vegan diet or no more than 10% animal products (organic) and a all or mainly all raw diet (say 80-85%) and a whole food diet.

here are suggestions for anemia

also he needs to try to walk some increasing a little every day and do lots of deep abdominal breathing maybe some chair exercises and he should take cayenne and at least three raw garlic cloves a day to help his circulation and reduce plague on his arteries and veins and also take ginger tea from fresh ginger or ginger tincture to help the capillaries.

Only exercise helps the lymph moves as it has no pump like the blood rest you rust Schulze always said..also use hot and cold showers on the legs and thing that best moves the lymph is using a mini trampoline (rebounder)..maybe if he bounces up and down on one a little holding on to something that would help the lymph better circulate. for now put one by a wall or handle or door or something that he can hang on so he doesn't fall.

here is how to do the hot/cold showers

Hot and Cold Showers: (the most effective way to move the blood and create circulation ) Once daily, you must do a complete hot and cold shower. You will start with hot water for 1 minute, then cold for 1 minute. Re-peat this 7 times so the shower should last about 15 minutes. Another time, daily, you can do a complete hot and cold shower routine again or a partial one just applying the water directly to the affected area. Make sure while you are doing both hot and cold showers that you pay special attention to the affected area and massage it vigorously. If the shower is impossible then use Hot packs and Ice packs alternating them put plastic over the hot ones with a heating pad to hold in the heat.

Finally he must do bowel cleansing and he must use for intestinal cleanse one and two as he needs these industrial strength herbs or if he absolutely cannot afford email me and I will give you the formulas so you can make your own which would be 2nd best if you use organic bulk herbs.

I did get results making my own and read Dr Bernard Jensen (Dr Schulze's teacher and so was Dr Christopher) his book bowel cleansing..he has pictures of people's legs very similar to your friend and he said when the bowel is filthy and not cleaned as it almost always is on people who eat a lot, eat bad foods or eat cooked foods, the skin tries to detoxify the body by using the skin as a third bowel and getting the waste out that way,...he shows the feet legs originally and day by day its healings when nothing else had worked so do that

I would also cleanse other elimination organs like doing a kidney-bladder cleanse, liver-gall bladder and blood cleansing (see the Schulze tab here on curezone for how to do these cleanses and what the products like the detox formula for blood cleansing do and buy these products at -Schulze's site. Gently use a natural bristle brush all over the body brushing toward the heart prior to the hot/cold shower would be good and be sure to focus the shower wand to the legs and other sick areas.

Also do hot saunas to sweat out the toxins helping them not need to use the legs/skin ot get out of the body.

I think I would also drink some raw apple cider vinegar in water at each meal and get him on a low glycemic diet

I think you are getting good advice here and bless you for helping the guy..I pray god will help him and you to help him..blessings :)


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