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Date:   5/18/2009 9:28:48 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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According to Dr. Nara, teeth can heal with proper oral

Preventing dental disease is, of course, the sure way of keeping the drill out of your mouth. But there's more good news: "Doctors, dentists and other people have no trouble understanding other physical healing processes. Broken bones knit, cut tissues heal, hair and fingernails grow back after being cut. The body restores itself naturally. Why can't the sae thing happen with teeth?

That's quite a question and Dr. Nara wouldn't have asked it unless he had a good answer. Apparently, the same thing can happen to teeth.

How Does A Tooth Heal?

Dr. Nara told us just how much healing could be expected from a tooth: "It ranges from some little pinpoint cavities here and there all the way to a tooth that's rotted right off at the gum line, you're not going to grow a whole new crown on it. The little ones will heal, remineralize up to about two millimeters deep. What will happen in a tooth that is severely decayed is that the stump will firm up. Instead of being soft and mushy, it develops a leathery consistency. A healed tooth will remain resistant to decay as long as the oral conditions are beneficial."


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