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Re: nutitional yeast dosing? by Anne_33 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   5/9/2009 1:14:46 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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ok ..thanks UNy..
I will check my bp/pulse regulary for 5 days (head hung down low..smack my hand now>LOL> )
oh no!! I don't have too!!it has memory storage on it so I can tell by that ! hehe

you know I have to use that thing to see what is going on and what is working and what is not..

my pulse runs anywheres from 68-88 normally and when it runs up to 100 or better I definately know it..I kinda get short of breath and sometimes palpations ..cayenne has taken care of the palps though..sometimes it will shoot up after I eat by about 20 beats or so
bp normally runs around 120/70 with the low side being 106/68 and high side 129/88

it does not or has not got up to where it used to as in 170/100 when I had anxiety issues (coming off of benzo)

I am much calmer now than before when I was taking grateful for is my family
My chiro said he never guessed that I used to take nerve pills cause I was such a calm person.. uh ok..yeah right!he should have stayed at my house sometimes.. (big grin)
I still get scared sometimes of trying new things because of all my bad prior reactions ..
I will try some of the superfood again tomorrow and see what happens ..its kinda late tonight to be having a reaction LOL
got my friend and her hubby coming over tomorrow to lay tile so I can get my room finished out so I gotta get up early for glad to finally be getting that done..

oh yeah I remember that recipe for the cheese sauce made outta the yeast..I tried that and it was good.. still love the real cheese though..trying to get used to better things for me along the way.. that is my goal
still gotta long way to go but I am glad you are proud of me (blushing now!) that does make me feel good
I know ,,drink more juice..and I do know the dangers of flouridated water its just I really forgot twice when I was in town to get some more...ugh..gonna make that stick into my head I promise ...get some distilled water!! planted it in my brain now..ok?

good point on the cha water .I am gonna investigate that a little more and see what I come up with thats for sure..they have a brochure at the herb store I think I just might pick that up and ask a few questions and see how much they know about it..hhhhmmmmmm .

thanks UNY once again.. luv ya woman!



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