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nutitional yeast dosing? by Anne_33 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   5/8/2009 11:03:49 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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well after a few hours of being so ill I couldn't stand myself ..I say ill as in mad ..high pulse(101)bp issues and anxiety so bad I couldn't stand anymore. I tried the cayenne/garlic route as in I took 3 droppersfull of cayenne and 3 cloves of garlic..well that only brough pulse down to 88.. but still having anxiety I was beginning to wonder what else could be going on .

I finally realized that I hadn't took my 1//4 cup of nutritional yeast today.. (since I can't do superfood)
so I went in there an took it an IT WORKED!!! instant calmness..... YES !! thank GOD!!

my bp is now 100/69 pulse is still 90 but I feel so much better.. I am talking my eyes were twitching and I was ready to rip someones head off.LOL... my my ..just needed my b -vits I guess...I even took 4 more IF1 caps which hasn't worked on me yet..for a grand total of 8 today...I just can't seem to find my right dose with that...sometimes it takes more and sometimes less....sigh..

anyways I was wondering what dose of the yeast would be safe to take ..I have 5 pounds of the stuff so I got enough to do me for while.. can I take 1/4cup twice a day instead of just once?? or would that be too much?? I know detoxing and flushing puts stress on the body so I want to make sure my body is getting what it needs to help get me through ..

I am drinking distilled water when I can remember to get it.. HAHA.. my brain takes naps sometime
I went to the store and bought a 2 gallon container of it as thats all they had..

How bout CHA water? have any of you heard of that.. my local herb store sells it and its suposed to be electronically charge alkaline/oxygen water ..its about $7 for 5 gallons and tastes very good as I used to get it but not really sure about it so I quite buying it..its more economical than distilled too and if its better then I would rather drink that ..

here is a link I found about it..
let me know what you think UNY..

anyways UNY if you read this I need some feedback on the dose of the nutrional yeast I can take ..

thanks bunches Anne_33


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