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cramps during colon hydrotherapy by tamm5 ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   11/5/2003 12:13:56 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I just got my 1st colon hydrotherapy session done. During the session, I was getting stomach (abdominal) cramps a lot, like I had diarrhea and I really needed to go to the bathroom quick. Is this normal? The water felt kind of cold going in at first, and I asked the therapist if the water temperature was OK, and she said it was. I even asked if she could raise the temperature, but she didn't. She said I was having colon spasms or whatever and kept on massaging my stomach.

From what I read, the colonic session is supposed to be relaxing. Mine was nothing but relaxing (It was like I had diarrhea and I had to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't get to the bathroom so I had to hold it in with all my might, type of feeling during most of the session.) I didn't release much material either until close to the end (I saw bits of little hard rabbit poops but nothing much until the last 10 minutes of the session).

After the session, I had to sit in the bathroom at the office for about 10 minutes, and I evacuated diarrhea type stuff twice with cramps, and after that, I felt better (and I knew I could get out of the office and drive home without any incident :-).

Are cramps like this normal? Are you supposed to really relax your anal muscle and let it go? It is possible I was tightening it up down there, but I am not sure.

I felt very tired when I got home but strangely calm and peaceful, and before going to bed, I felt like I needed to poop a little bit so I went to the bathroom and passed some mucus (but nothing else). colonic did something (I have never seen such a big piece of mucus coming out of me ever) so I want to go back for another session, but I wanted to know if cramps will continue...

Thanks a bunch!


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