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Colonics do not help with constipation by KDM ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   9/6/2003 2:37:17 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I hope someone sees this so it won't happen to them. I created a thread asking if colonics actually worked (after going to this particular colonics clinic) but it seems to have disappeared (scary).

Colonics does not work for constipated people. I went to this clinic 3 times with little or no results. What they did do is sell me $60 worth of products that appear to provide little or no benefit. Also, they wanted their money up front (for 3 sessions). It is not the procedure that I had a problem with, it was that the person who was performing the treatments *clearly saw* that I was not benefitting from the sessions (at $75 each + $30 for the probiotics). She could not adequately "fill" me with water; therefore, the sessions were not useful. She claimed that the blockage that she was encountering was either a) gas, b) a nest of parasites, or c) waste. She tried to set me up for 5 colonics for the first week and then 4 the next week. When asking her if I would be well after completing these sessions, she would not commit either way.

I do not eat junk food at all - for the past 2 years, I have been eating mostly fish, salad, chicken (baked) and vegetables. I have been guilty of eating french fries, ice cream (no more than 2 scoops), yogurt and croissant (2 per day). I did not know about not eating milk or bread until recently. However, I do not eat fried foods on a regular basis and do not go to the fast food joints for lunch breaks.

I am now working with a medical doctor - a Gastrointestinologist (sp?) for my problem. The fact that there was a blockage is of great concern to me. I will be getting a test for my colon next week. I have been very much bloated and have some soreness in my abdomen. The doctor has prescribed me with a laxative that has produced a diahrrhea (sp?) type of condition. I told her what I had done. Of course, the doctor was of the opinion that colonics provided little or no benefits. Truthfully, I am not sure if the colonics made my problem worse. What does irk me is that they had no problems endangering my health in order to continue collecting money. The facility is clean and well-decorated. I don't know if her method for working on the colon is good. It did not work for me.

This procedure should not be taken lightly. For example, one with chronic (serious) Acne would not go to a beauty shop to get a facial. One with a serious back condition would not go to a chiropractor. They would go to a doctor (specialist) to treat it. I feel that the same goes for colonics. This practice had a picture of diseased colons on the wall (something that would induce fear). These were twisted colons that probably would not work very well. But, the truth is that realistically, no procedure she could perform would be able to ever help such individuals - this is what needs to be clarified.

One needs to have a VERY, VERY GOOD working digestive system in order for this procedure to be of some benefit. It does not cure anything and cannot be used as a "first line of defense". This, again, is my opinion.

I trust that my previous post was removed by mistake and that this site is open to reviews (BOTH good AND bad) about a product or service. It is good to see both sides instead of glorifying or supporting just one. I have read posts of people coming here to find a ray of hope to solve their problems (as I have). All possibilites should be present and people informed.

Kind Regards.

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