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Re: LOL...SAN ANTONIO IS LIBBEE COUNTRY! by KDM ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   8/27/2003 2:36:30 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi PTree,

Thank you so much for responding ;-)

I just spoke with the manufacturer of the Libbey (they also provide colonic services as well). He did say that I should drink more water with the P & B shakes. Because it was passing straight through, he said that I should take it with lemon. I did not know this unfortunately, I was drinking the required amount with the shakes but nothing was happening ;-( The only time something would happen is if I took the Clear (diahrrea results) or drank Prune Juice. I called the people in Houston yesterday and sent an e-mail to ask more about the procedure. I have not received an e-mailed response - so - I will call again today.

He said that with the Libbey system, they basically "allow you your privacy" - i.e. you insert the tube and they leave you "in peace". No rubbing of the belly. Is it important to rub the belly? He also said that with a closed system, the water is pumped into the body through a tube. After the abdomen is full, the process is then "reversed" and the material flows out of the same tube that the clean water was pumped in. I was a little concerned that the matrial might somehow "go back" into my body during the reverse procedure. Has this every happened before?

He finally said that it would not be good to get more than 2 colonics in 1 week. Is this true? When I spoke to the place in Houston. They said that I would probably need 3 back-to-back so that I would not reabsorb toxins. He said (the Libbey guy) that they administer no more than 2 back-to-back so that one would not "detox to quickly" and for safety. I was hoping for 3. What do you think? After getting 3 in Houston, would it be safe to travel back to San Antonio immediately after the 3rd procedure? Are there any travel restrictions when having the colonics performed?

Thank you again - very, very, very much for your help! I will be buying some lemons and more water!

Kindest Regards ;-)


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