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Please, please help ;-( LONG by KDM ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   8/25/2003 12:23:55 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am hoping that someone can please help me ;-(

Please let me start by saying that I am new to the cleansing process. I did not actually know that it was a problem until I reached my mid-30's (I am embarrassed to say) I had BMs about once per week. A *good* BM maybe about once every two weeks (I do not remember). I seemed to have the best ones when on my period. It was not until I did research on a problem with my swelling feet (pointing to a possible kidney problem; therefore, a flush being needed) that I found out about cleansing and regularity, parasites and the like.

My tummy protrudes and I am extremely bloated. I thought it was additionaly weight but now think that my colon is somehow stretched. I orderd the Expereience, Clear and Harmony and had been taking the P & B shakes but did not pass anything significant. I read that if one was not passing on a regular basis to stop the shakes and work on regularity first.

I have 3 colonics scheduled next week in San Antonio, Texas - they use an "open system". I would prefer to stick with a "closed" one (as PTree has mentioned) but I do not know where to find a safe place in that town. They use a "Libby" system and here is their web address: On this site, I have heard of a well-recommended place in Houston. Should I go there instead?

I eat pretty much the following: salmon, broccoli, fries (I know
) and ice cream (I know). Have been doing so for the past 2 weeks. I tried to do The Master Cleanser but got hungry quickly and did not hold out.

The only thing that has helped me with some sort of success is Prune Juice but, I get a diahrrea effect. Out of desperation, I took 2 Clear tablets last night. I will only be in San Antonio for 1 week and this is the only time I can have *any* type of colonics work done. The place I live in normally is somewhat remote. My manager has given me one week to address this problem (well, I have not told him of the problem per se. - out of embarassment - just asked for time off to work with a medical issue)

Please, please, please help me!
=> I have been doing the P&B shakes to get ready for these sessions so it would not be a "waste of time" but - if the shakes are working, I don't seem to be able to pass the material out. I had started with this several weeks ago (but again discontinued).

=> I only have 3 chances before I return. I want to make the time count. Can you suggest something I can do now to get ready for next week?

Kindest regards.

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