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strongly disagree with plant based diets by Golthing ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   4/3/2009 2:02:31 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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There seems to be a religion developing on this forum that promotes vegetarian or vegan diets, and sometimes raw diets, above that of an omnivore diet. There seems to be somewhat of a stench that if you eat meat you are doing something wrong or unhealthy.

This mental illness has even spread into the pet industry where you can now find vegetarian dog food! How insane is that? Try feeding this garbage to your dog and you will see that they eat twice as much, defecate twice as much, and fart all the time. Dogs need protein and fat derived from animals.

The God that made us said it was perfectly fine for us to eat meat. Throughout the old testament, he limited the meats to "cleaner" forms of meat.

During his brief stay here, before his death and resurrection 2000 years ago, God, AKA Jesus Christ ate meat.

After his ascension, God told Peter that he could eat all forms of meat, only to abstain from blood or meat mingled with blood.

Furthermore, Christians are commanded to eat what's put before them. It's offensive to invite someone over to your home for dinner and they look down their noses at the lovely rack of lamb you've prepared for them.

And we're even told in the Bible that those that don't eat meat are weaker in faith. So you can bet I'll be eating meat.

The thing is that one needs to be wise about meat. Much of the meat you buy at the local grocery store is tainted with hormones, fertilizers, and other toxins. Perhaps this is why meat has been given a bad rap.

Please realize that natural forms of meat are extremely healthy. Look into grass-fed beef (
). It's chock full of healthy omegas and other nutrients that your typical slaughterhouse beef is missing. You will have to pay more for it, just as organic produce.

Those who eat meat are in no way inferior to those that don't. In fact, quite the opposite as they are following the example of the God that made us.

As a Christian, eating meat is part of my testimony for Jesus Christ. I know this sounds bizarre, but let me explain...

The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death. All men have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Our sin ultimately requires a perfect sacrifice, which was Jesus Christ on the cross. Throughout the Bible, innocent animals were sacrificed to foreshadow this truth. The first ones being the ones that God himself killed to clothe Adam and Eve in the garden after the fall. They had tried to cover their nakedness with plants, but God said that was insufficient. By killing animals and using their skins to "cover their sins" it was a constant reminder of how horrible sin is and how much we should avoid it.

Cain's sacrifice of plants to God was not accepted whereas his brother Abel's sacrifice of an animal was. This enraged Cain enough to kill his brother.

Throughout the Old Testament, animals were killed on an alter by priests as atonement for sins. Again, foreshadowing the coming messiah.

Today, since the ultimate sacrifice has already taken place on the cross, we no longer need to sacrifice animals, but Christians are instructed to eat meat. And as we do, we should remember that this animal died that we may live (physically) just as Christ died that we may live eternally (spiritually).

I agree that it is healthy to eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables as well as considering where your meat has come from. Since fasting I eat probably 20 times as much fruit and vegetables as I did before, but I haven't stopped eating meat. I'm just more cautious as to where it comes from.

Let the flames begin...

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