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How I KNOW those thingies are NOT "soap bubbles." by LoricaLady ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   3/19/2009 6:46:48 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I had done Liver Cleanses in the past, quite modified from what I had read. That is, I did not do the apple juice part, did't like the idea of all that sugar. Nevertheless when I did the flushes with heavy duty coffee enemas afterwards, I would see that chaf and a fair amount of those little tan cholesterol floaters. I always felt better afterwards.

I heard, as you may have, that some say the olive oil and lemon juice were creating those little balls, instead of pushing out gallstones. Never really bought that.

Then I went on a mercury detox for a month. Used Dr. Mercola's instructions. First used cilantro tincture to get rid of aluminum and nickle for about 3 weeks. Then started taking his cholorella, 5 X2 per day for a month.
Guess what? A coffee enema thereafter, with no olive oil or lemon juice, also gave me a bunch of those little tan stones! So how could they be soap bubbles?

Not only that...

I had only found maybe 2 or 3 green stones after doing the olive oil and lemon flush quite a few times.

This time I decided to follow directions and use apple juice. I just took 1/2 cup every 2 waking hours for 2 days. That was enough! I also took some Epsom Salts (not a new thing for me) and the lemon and olive oil as directed.

When I lay down to sleep after drinking the lemon juice and olive oil, I could feel strong, rolling, but painless, waves in my abdomen in the general area of my gall bladder.

The next day I got out at least a hundred of those green stone, and far more tan ones than ever before, with a coffee enema. How could green stones be correlated to olive oil, lemon or apple juice, none of which are green?
How come they never showed up before, if they are soap stones, when I didn't use apple juice?

I did (hopefully) high colonic enemas several times because I kept getting those green balls out, but finally knew I had to stop to keep from depleting my system. (Boy do I feel kinda wiped out today, but know I will be fine tomorrow.) I think everyone should DEFINTELY eat some yogurt and put it into an enema bag every time one does an enema. The kind with live acidophilus bacteria, naturally.

I can't say I feel that much better today, especially since I am so tired. But I know I have to repeat this process about every 2 weeks to get the full benefits, maybe 6 times. One thing I know - those little round nasties aren't doing me any good and need to go!

I did have gall bladder symptoms, pain (though not awful, and occasional) under my right rib cage,
pain in upper arm and shoulder, pain in right ear (wondering if that is also correlated to some dizziness)
and sensitivity to fried foods.

Hope this helps someone.

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