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"The non-supplement HEALING" & other thoughts +edit/end).Re: "the supplement tango" & other thoughts (+edits) - Re: Sensitive to supplements?? by unyquity ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   3/11/2009 3:26:58 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Greetings of Health, formales!

Okee-dokee, you asked for it! (lol) But first some basics about I think it's important for folks to know to "who" they are listening.

I'm almost 50, my hubby is 55; we were married 13 years ago. His mother had cured herself of Stage IV terminal liver cancer back in the late 70's. From my 'hippie days' back in the 70's, I have always been interested in natural healing (I used to bake bread & sprout sprouts for our local health food store, that kind of thing). But I was young and 'impervious to danger' (and my dad was a Science teacher), and even though I've always 'cooked from scratch' and avoided the major baddies most of the time, I quickly fell off the ole bandwagon, and lived the majority of my life on the typical SAD diet.

Well, somewhere in our early 40's, we started getting OLD (and had all kinds of symptoms and issues that only 70+ year old people used to have), so I started "digging in deep" to the research (with the guidance of my mother-in-law)...and her guidance was likely THE greatest blessings of my life. I started studying (in depth) the protocols & methodologies of the greatest healers of this century. These are the great men & women that consistently & successfully cured the most insidious & advanced forms of all the "incurables"...and after I had all the 'groundwork puzzle pieces' on the table, I was easily able to compile "the core common threads" (each great healer had there own 'quirks', so to speak, but they all had a common baseline). Our body's are hard-wired to self-restore and heal (and LIVE!). The schematics are all there, and any 'scientist' that thinks they can figure it out and manipulate it better than the body can, are complete egoic m*o*o*ns. (I must admit, this was quite a blow to my own ego, as I graduated HS in the 95% percentile/science of all graduates in the US, and I'd been MORE than "properly conditioned", just like the most intelligent of all us).

(Who are/were these great healers of which I speak? Dr. Christopher, Dr. Schulze , Dr. Gerson, Hoxsey, Clark, Dr. Kelley, and the healers/herbalists that were their mentors & teachers - Paavo Airola, Bernard Jensen , Samuel Thompson, Edward Shook, John Harvey Kellogg, Randolf Stone, Benedict Lust, et al.) [Edit: 'Most all of these healers (except Schulze/Christopher) used a combination of natural AND alternative/allopathic science...and used substances/supplements that DO have the potential to cause harm and throw the body out of balance. I subscribe only to the aspects of their therapies & protocols that are as natural as possibly, with virtually no possibility of causing harm, causing new problems, or further imbalancing the body]

It took MUCH more research to convince me. How can this BE? If a successful cure for every known disease has already been discovered, why don't the top doctors & researchers know it? (I've always been the "why child" - I've never trusted an 'answer' in my life if I couldn't understand why it was 'true'). So I dug deeper and found out why. In a very (very!) tiny nutshell, this country had 'free market' medicine until the early part of the 1900's...virtually anybody with any qualifications could 'hang out a shingle' and practice medicine - their practice 'lived or died' dependent on their success or failure. At that time, we had more herbal, homeopathic & natural healing colleges & universities than any other kind...and the young 'upstart' AMA was literally going bankrupt. (Note: the AMA was formed as what we know now, as a type of trade union, it's stated goal was "to protect the legal & financial interests of it's members", and that has never changed). The investors/pharmaceutical companies at that time basically 'purchased' the AMA before they went under, and invested 100's of millions of dollars in a broad spectrum "public relations campaign", that's still continuing (read: pure propaganda that would have made Hitler jealous!). They hired Edward Bernays :::insert scary music here:::, who was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and went on a 'public conditioning blitz' the likes of which had never been seen before (that I'm aware of). Focusing on the word "quackery" (the word 'quack' was a term for advanced mental patient at that time, but Bernays turned into a word for any natural healer that didn't rely upon 'safe' Science & chemicals to treat illness), and with piece of scientific/medical bastardization known as the Flexner Report-1910, they bombarded the media and radio for DECADES, conditioning people that using herbs & natural healing techniques was DANGEROUS "quackery", and that only someone that had gone to an AMA university for years was qualified to understand the immense complexities of the human body. And once they had the public convinced, they turned to Congress...and in the 1930's it became illegal to practice medicine in this country unless one had graduated from an AMA approved college (read: pharmaceutical/investor owned & approved college...that controlled the curriculum). And the only "schools" of natural healing to survive the onslaught intact were the chiropractors & osteopaths (who had their own 'unions' and strong financial backing of their own). And when the dust settled, there were only a handful of 'other healing schools' left, and they quickly went bankrupt or were driven out of business.

From that point onward, our physicians have been educated ('conditioned' is truly the appropriate word) at universities owned & operated by the AMA (pharmaceutical cartel). Obviously, true HEALING is not the goal of someone selling pharmaceuticals (they'd go bankrupt in a heartbeat if people weren't sick), and by inducing sickness by the use/sale of something they promise will make you better is the PERFECT profit plan. It is now illegal for ANY physician certified by the AMA to utilize any protocol or substance that's not approved by the AMA/pharmaceutical cartel. The last time I checked, a physician that does that can/will be fined $150,000, go to jail for 10 years, and lose their license...on the first offense. (This happened to quite a few doctors in the 'Laetrile Era' that researched Laetrile, found it effective/worthy, saved the lives of their patients, and then had their lives & careers destroyed).

If you'd like to research this more fully, you can find the bulk of it here:

And this page of fantastic quotes is full of insights:

(I love learning from quotes - find one that interests you and start Googling...before long you've learned an encyclopedia's worth - easily and painlessly!)

>>>>>"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship...To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic..., and have no place in a republic...The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." - Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of Declaration of Independence; member, Continental Congress; B.S. Princeton U. <<<<<

But here's where it gets REALLY ugly. Throughout the 'middle years' (30's - late 60's-70's) the truly natural healers that were left were brutally persecuted (as were those that attempted to follow in their footsteps)...and then "supplements" hit the market. A whole new "science of healing". Remember: society has already long since been conditioned to 'get their healing from a bottle' and to base their treatment on "science"...and lifestyles were becoming more hectic, more 'electronically advanced' (more poisonous electromagnetic frequencies), women were leaving the home to work, etc. And so begun a (possibly) worse scenario - those that 'had a clue' and turned away from allopathic "science" and disease-causing drugs & barbaric surgery, now turned to "alternative medicine & science" (which is virtually TOTALLY based on the same false Science that the AMA ensconced throughout the world). And now we have a multi-billion dollar "alternative/supplement industry" that plows us with THEIR "truth". And for the most part, those that have 'seen the light' about allopathic medicine *think* they've found the answer in naturopaths & supplements. But nowadays it's truly RARE to find people reporting true cures on sites like this from alternative symptom is relieved only for more to pop-up, etc., etc., etc. And that's because what we're doing is NOT NATURAL...but our bodies ARE NATURAL.

I think Dr. Christopher illuminated it best (paraphrase here), when he said that no one would ever dream of taking a broken toaster to a plumber to have it fixed. If we have car/engine problems, we take it back to the manufacturer (who knows the proper schematics to repair/rebuild the equipment). Our bodies are natural, they are "of this earth" and our bodies already HAVE the schematics they need to repair & restore themselves. What we need to do is turn to Nature/God/Earth to find exactly what our natural bodies need to repair themselves. And every reknowned natural healer that has ever cured any 'incurable disease' successfully and consistently, did just that. Some had a few 'quirks' that weren't truly natural, but their baseline protocols were. The fastest, safest, most successful way to restore our bodies is to STOP 'putting in' things that alter/destroy the natural balance & chemistry of the body, and START doing everything to restore the natural balance so the body can do what it is programmed and designed to do...HEAL & LIVE!

Really, that really was a VERY tiny nutshell! lol (But I needed to get this 'nutshell' in print, and now seemed like as good as time as any to do it).

Before I "get down to it", a wee-bit more about my journey. My husband and I are self-employed artists by trade (lapidaries, we cut rocks, mostly for jewelry designers & collectors, and a bit for our own jewelry designs). During all these years of intense research, learning and healing (along with 2/3 years of my 4 CZ years of 20-40 hours weekly to post/assist others), our income has fallen from well over $100,000 annual to well below the poverty level. So we found it both necessary (and enlightening & especially beneficial/effective) to start making our OWN herbal/natural products in order to save serious amounts of money (AND have a higher quality product than we could ever buy on the market, at any price). Due to an unpredictable, bizarre, and totally flabbergasting set of "coincidences", what started out as a few pounds of 'superfood herbs' and a jar of echinacea & cayenne tincture, is now over 50 gallons of various tinctures, enormous amount of Superfood herbs and other herbal/cleansing teas & products, and an inventory of over 150 different kinds of herbs. And yes, we do make them available to others, and no, I don't talk about it much on Curezone (I respect the TOS regarding "selling"), and no, I do NOT make posts & offer information to help my fellow brothers & sisters in order to sell ANYTHING. I made each formula (after researching it completely) because we (or somebody we knew/loved) needed or requested it...and because it works, we believe in it, we want to have a stockpile.

Of course, I'll be happy to send you a list of what we have "off CZ", as well as arrange a time we can chat on the phone (if you'd like), but I'll also tell you where you can buy the same products, or gladly tell you how to make & mix your own.

So, how do we go about naturally healing & restoring our body? Well, first of all, we understand that our society, food, air, water & lifestyle are totally UNnatural (we're THE most unnatural society in the history of the world), and we've won the trophy for the society with the most degenerative disease in the history of the world. This process is going to take (what most consider) some seriously hard work...UNlearning, new learning & reprioritizing. But on the other hand, there's nothing more precious than our health (in fact, we're not truly free -in any way, shape, or form- without it). And if we really want to enjoy a lifetime of vibrant health, totally free of disease, we're going to need to make some changes...and those changes are not really "extreme", they only SEEM extreme because our society & lifestyle is unnatural and unhealthy to the extreme. To me, it's kind of like our garden - it is a lot of hard work, but the final yield is truly joyous & miraculous.

First things first (and foremost) - the foundation of it all (without which, the chance of healing --naturally or unnaturally-- goes down to virtually zero), we memorize this fact ('used to be taught in third-grade science):

"No living organism, no matter how large or small, can sustain life unless it can assimilate the nutrients it needs and expel toxins/waste effectively".

Every organ, system and cell in our body IS dependent upon this process - NOT one system/cell works correctly if it does not have the fuel & oxygen it needs and/or it is clogged or laden with sludge & toxins (toxin: a politically correct term for poison). And it's all dependent (lungs/brain included) on 'the main tube' that runs from our mouth to our rectum. Clog the exhaust of ANY engine? The engine eventually malfunctions in every system. Completely clog it? The engine dies. Give an engine the wrong kind of fuel? EVERY part eventually fails. Add poisons and substances not appropriate for the engine? Disaster. We'll NEVER get all the other parts (symptoms) functioning correctly, until we get 'the main tube' functioning at peak (and get the fuel right in and the poisons out).

It's natural for every animal to have 3-5 bowel movements daily - one upon waking, one before going to sleep, and one for every major meal ingested. If that's not happening, there something wrong with the tube and the fuel. Breastfed babies do this - they stop doing it when we feed them food that is unnatural to them...starting with cow's milk. (That's kind of a "duh", eh? What other animal in nature suckles from a different animal than their own species, or drinks milk after it weans). What is natural food for a human? The same that is natural to the great apes - fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds & grains (and the oils thereof) their wholesome, 'life bearing' form. No food that is dead is alive, and everything we ingest that is dead (without enzymes) requires an extra expenditure of time, energy and reserves in order to process, digest, assimilate & eliminate (our body has to MAKE the enzymes or order to digest & assimilate the nutrients). In order to HEAL, the goal is to first, stop wasting our body's energy (that could be used for healing & restoring), stop using up our 'storehouse' of nutrients (to make enzymes we could be eating) and to give our bodies the purest, most premium high grade fuels possible (and of course, to stop thinking/believing this is some kind of an "extreme burden" or freakish lifestyle choice).

At the same time, we must ensure that we stop poisoning ourself/systems and that we're able to assimilate the high-grade fuel we're ingesting (and spending so much money on). From the time they started feeding us unnatural foods (that couldn't be digested, assimilated and expelled in 6-8 hours after eating them), we've adversely affected the strength & musculature of our upper/lower intestines. Picture this: instead of swallowing every bit of food/water you eat in a day, after you chew it halfway and mix it with saliva/digestive enzymes, you spit it into a glass jar, tightly cap the lid, and put it into a dark place with the temp around 100 degrees...what will happen? In 12-24 hours the jar will likely explode from the pressure of the putrefying gas. For most of us, ever since we've been a toddler (day after week after month after year), our intestines have been stretched/expanded by the gasses of unnatural/dead foods that take too long to digest & eliminate. This stretches and weakens the musculature of our colon, which of course, adversely effects peristalsis (the squeezing motion of the intestines).

Now, add to that, all the mucous forming foods. Egg whites have been used for centuries as glue (they will hold bricks/buildings together). Dr. Christopher (while never recommending milk), used a tea made of mullein & milk to cure extreme intestinal bleeding. Why? the milk mucous "sticks" to the lining of the intestines allowing the mullein time to 'do it's thing'. So all those 'soft scrambled eggs' and bottles of cows milk made a nice thick layer of mucous all over our intestines, and since we're all full of gas & only pooping a couple of times a day or less (as a toddler), it starts building up and adversely affecting our 'main tube' even more. As we poop less AND assimilate less (due to the mucous covering the tiny villi that absorb the nutrients and send them to the liver for processing) we end up ingesting even more unnatural food because we're hungry! And so the cycle continues until we're either constipated (having less than one bm for every meal) or we have some form of IBS or other 'digestive syndrome'. But wait, it gets better (worse) add a daily portion of chemical poisons.

'Tis theorized by V.E. Irons (and accepted by most natural healers that ever read it): Just like the liver starts creating bile the second oil touches the tongue, and the pancreas start making insulin the second anything sweet touches the tongue, the intestines create a micro-thin layer of mucous whenever a chemical poison touches our that the poisons are captured by the mucous and sloughed on in the next bowel movement, thus preventing the body from assimilating poisons (which would be taken *directly* to the liver from the intestines, hence burdening the liver). Now whether or not we actually 'secrete mucous upon poison ingestion' really doesn't matter, because by the time we're in our teens (or earlier with many constipated children), we have a VERY thick layer of rubbery, toxin-laden mucous lining our intestinal tract, and whether it's designed to "capture" poisons, or they just soak into it...the fact remains that this "mucoid plaque" is the most acidic, putrid, poison-laden substance in our body. And EVERY molecule of food & water we ingest has to soak through it before assimilation, and then it heads directly to the liver (as if the liver wasn't busy enough already) feed and nourish our body. Yum...not. This rubbery mucoid plaque also weakens the muscular of our intestinal tract and provides the perfect feeding/breeding grounds for parasites & candida. There are many natural healers that say if it weren't for the parasites burrowing through the mucoid plaque (so that nutrients can get to the lining of the colon for assimilation) and candida overgrowth to feed on it, we'd be in far worse condition than we are. 'Sure sounds logical to me, but I can't say for sure.

Anyway, there's two other "tube issues" that are very important. 1) The intestinal tract comes into contact with virtually EVERY organ in the body (surprise!). It is NOT like the pictures and diagrams we see where there's space between everything. Even if we had NO build up of mucous & mucoid plaque, we'd have several pounds of putrefying food (and gas!) to swell the colon, which puts unnatural pressure on virtually every organ in the body...including the spinal column. The uterus/ovaries are tightly wrapped by the sigmoid colon (my first Colon Cleanse totally eliminated early menopausal symptoms of a 6-10 pound monthly fluid gain, vicious cramps -that I could SEE as well as feel- for three long days, 2 weeks of brutal PMS & emotional swings, abnormally heavy bleeding/clotting that require 2 super+ tampons every two hours for nearly three days). My uterus and ovaries had been SQUISHED for years (and that might have even been the cause of my lifelong battle with PCOS & infertility). And it eliminated acid reflux...which is virtually ALWAYS eliminated by a *thorough* Colon Cleanse & diet change. Think of it, our digestive tract is a tube, and everything in it is supposed to move DOWNWARD...yet acid from the stomach is moving UPward into the esophagus (the only place where stomach acid can be felt). WHY is it moving unnaturally upward? Because of too much acid? Nope, because all the gas from the mucoid plaque and undigested, rotting food is pushing it upward. And the same gas that has the ability to push acid from the stomach into the esophagus, also has the ability to negatively impact the flow of bile from the liver/gallbladder and pancreatic/digestive enzymes from the pancreas into the duodenum, and create hiatal hernias (and other types of herniation). Not to mention the transverse colon pushes on the liver, pancreas/spleen, wraps around the sciatic nerve, and touches on the kidneys, hence adrenals. There's no organ or system in the body that's not effected by a swollen colon/intestines...and it doesn't matter if the issue is constipation or over-frequent bms (I had IBS at the time, and was having 5-8 bms daily). What would have happened if I'd gone to a "professional alternative medicine doctor"? Several hundreds of dollars worth of tests revealing that my hormone levels were a mess (no kidding? :::smirk:::) and several hundred dollars worth of "natural (smirk again) hormonal supplements. But my body DID NOT NEED supplements, and the reason for my hormone imbalance had NOTHING to do with my 'hormone levels', it had to do with the fact that my colon was squishing my uterus/ovaries and they couldn't do their job naturally! What would have happened to the rest of my body (and my uterus/ovaries) if I would have plowed my body with hormones & supplements? I shudder to think of it....I'd be another person on CureZone doing the never-ending "supplement tango" (at best), and who knows 'at worst'.

Read these two links for more complete & enlightening info:

2) In this world of chemical poisons, our organs of elimination function on hyperdrive for most of our life (this is important for those with adrenal issues, because anything that adversely effects the kidneys, adversely effects the adrenals). The poisons that are captured and built up in the mucous/mucoid plaque (as I've mentioned before) are what our food & water soaks through before being delivered directly to the liver (90% of the water we ingest is assimilated in the lower colon). We can cleanse & flush the liver until we're blue in the face, but if we keep plowing it with poisons, we keep causing the same malfunctions & clogs that we're trying to eliminate. And these clogs, stones and liver debris adversely effect the flow of bile. And bile is our body's own natural laxative - it creates peristalsis and muscular action in the colon. So a clogged liver adversely impacts the action of the colon, or is that a clogged colon adversely impacts the action of the liver? Oh that's RIGHT! :::grin::: All systems are dependent upon each other!!

3) THREE? You said TWO! (whoops, sorry) Assimilation of nutrition. We can't assimilate what we eat if there's a thick layer of mucous between the food (as it passes through the tube) and the tiny villi/hairs that are how we assimilate into the bloodstream, are covered with toxic rubber/mucous. Wanna not be hungry all the time, lose weight and lower your grocery bill substantially? Get rid of the rubber! AND conversely, if one cannot GAIN weight, it's also likely due to lack of assimilation (yes, the same issue can/will create two different symptoms - it all depends upon each persons metabolism & genetics).

So, (as I'm sure you assumed), the first step in achieving health (for any reason) is colon cleansing...using effective products that are made from natural organic herbs & ingredients, that both increase the peristaltic/muscular of our intestinal walls AND break-up & clean away the mucoid plaque...and a good product will also have things like Bentonite clay and/or activated charcoal to 'sponge up' the vast amount of poisons that will be released from the mucoid plaque. How long does it take to undo decades of muscular stretching and inaction? It's truly miraculous! Generally 20-30 days of cleansing will show a great improvement, and a regular maintenance cleanse every solstice (4x yearly). colonics are VERY effective at removing the build-up and mucoid plaque, but leave the muscles in their weakened state. A cleanse using a good fiber product (like Dr. Schulze s Intestinal Formula #1 & #2 is far more effective for restoring peristalsis, than colonics. If one has the time/money, a series of twice weekly colonics (or high enemas or home colonic) AND IF#1 & 2 over a months time would yield miraculous results.

Anytime we can eliminate the food and long, tedious, energy-sucking process of digestion when we're doing any kind of cleanse, make the cleanse in question far more effective. It's estimated that over 60% of the body's total energy expenditure daily is in the process of digestion, assimilation, detoxification and elimination. Dead grains, meats & dairy take 4-6 hours at the minimum, but fresh organic juices take only 15-30 minutes to assimilate. Juice fasting is THE strongest, most effective and speedy healing tool we have, and if done while colon cleansing, the absence of food (that mixes with the fiber) makes the cleanse even more effective.

Please (treat yourself!) and read this about juice fasting:

The right kind of juicer really IS essential. Pricey? Not compared to even one years worth of supplements. Here's a lil' document with lots of links that will explain and save you lots of time in researching and deciding (if you don't already have a quality juicer):

"But my naturopath says I'm too weak, imbalanced & distressed to cleanse!" Really? Has he/she ever cured anyone of cancer or any other incurable disease? Because Dr. Schulze cured over 5,000 people of late stage incurable diseases with his 'Incurables Program', and the worse/weaker they were, the faster he cleansed and restored each organ/system...all at the same time! (as did all the 'greats' before him). When our bodies are weak and broken down, they RELISH & REJOICE when *all* the organs are cleansed and restored at the same time. Dr. Schulzes Incurables Program is done in 30 day cycles, and each patient (no matter HOW weak or near death they were) did 30 days of colon cleansing with two weeks of liver cleansing, two weeks of kidney cleansing, herbs for their specific ailment AND a 30 day juice fast (along with hot/cold showers & therapeutic-grade-hot cayenne to improve circulation throughout the body, emotional healing, lifestyle changes and all manner of helio/sun & hydro/water therapies). And something else VERY important in the electrified world in which we live - daily 'barefoot' contact with the earth for at least 15 minutes or more daily.

The earth is a natural "ground" and will pull toxic EMFS out of our body to itself. People used to wear leather soled shoes and come into contact with the earth daily. Many of us go for weeks/months without ever touching the earth from which we were made/evolved. And all that electricity just keeps coming at us. There have been many people cured of insomnia, stress & anxiety by simply "detoxing" from the massive amounts of 'toxic energy' they're bombarded with daily. If it's too cold to go outside barefooted, just put on several pairs of socks. You'll likely be amazed! Now that I'm more in-tune with my body than ever before, I can actually feel the bad energy leaving through my feet...and on a sunny day, the sunlight seems to help push it out. (Also, Bentonite clay pulls all kinds of heavy metals and radiation to itself into the digestive tract, and then we flush them down the toilet)

'Sorry this has become such a novel (but I really did want to get this information 'in print'). Let's get back to you.

With the EXTREMELY limited amount of information I have about you now, if I were devising a 'healing plan' for you, here's what it would be (this is based on what I would do for me, I'm not suggesting that you are 'where I am' and can do it all, or even have the inclination to do it all. It's my job to share the truth of natural healing, it's NOT my job to decide what other people do with it! :)...

(Please be sure to see my "addition/edit" below my signature)

#1 Don't believe a word I've said until you've researched it and believe it yourself! :) I've got tons of links stockpiled, or I can point you to several different dvd/cd sets (feel free to email me anytime). You can start by clicking the 'Dr. Schulze' link at the top of all CZ pages (if you're so inclined).

#2 Get outside barefoot and in the sun 2x daily for at least 15 minutes per session.

#3 Do (at the minimum) 10 days of colon cleansing with IF#2, 20 or 30 days is MUCH better! You need IF#1 only if you need it to make sure you have at least 3 bms daily. It's always (always!) far more effective do to one long cleanse rather than the same 'days worth' of short ones, as many times we quit just at the point things are getting good and loosened up (grrrr...what a waste of time/product). I'd add 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal to each dose of IF#2 (reason below in #4)

#4 During the time you're colon cleansing, juice and juice fast as much as possible. I was able to juice fast for 12 days my first juice fast, and I felt terrific! (note: I only 'felt terrific' during all the days of the fast because I was taking the IF#2 and ensuring I had 3+ bowel movement daily). The IF#2 (with it's Bentonite clay AND activated charcoal) absorbs the majority of the poisons we release during juice fasting, and the fiber ensures the bowel activity (for me). Many folks need the IF#1, too. With the high level of poisons in our body & environment these days, many time fasting can be very exhausting (and completely overwhelming to the liver & kidneys, hence adrenals). I NEVER recommend anyone with adrenal issues to do any type of "blood/body detoxification" unless they are using something to 'sponge up' the toxins that will be released.

#5 The first week of the colon cleanse, I'd do a full kidney cleanse (easily done with an kidney herb tea & tincture). I use/make Dr. Schulzes - I've never seen any better (all the ingredients/information on his liver/kidney/colon cleanse products and protocols are in the Schulze link I mentioned earlier).

#6 The second week I'd do Dr. Schulzes 5-day liver flush, followed by some type of a 'big' liver flush. The 5-day flush is NOT sufficient to release a lot of stones & debris, but it's the perfect "prep" for a 'regular' Liver Flush (which it sounds like you've done before). I'd continue working/cleansing my liver until I felt it was sufficiently cleansed (which most generally takes several months for most folks).

#7 Do everything I could to eliminate poison/toxins from my food & environment. Absolutely NO tap water - distilled or RO filtered only.

#8 Do everything I can to adjust my diet to 75-85% raw organic...and especially for healing, eliminate everything that every had a face on it, or came from the body of anything that ever had a face on it.

#9 Make sure you're drinking ample water daily. Take your body weight, divide it by two. That number (assuming you weighed in US pounds) is the MINIMUM amount of water you should ingest daily for adequate hydration - more is better (Dr. Christopher recommended at least a gallon a day for an average weight adult). We cannot cleanse and restore organs than are dried and shriveled, and being pumped with thick/sluggish blood.

#10 Use the right herbs for your situation. This is "iffy" without conversing with you personally, but from what I know (and those I've assisted with adrenal issues in the past, and my own experience), I'd recommend:

--Hawthorn Berry for your heart
--Cayenne for adequate circulation (and to stop heart arrythmias)
--Some type of gentle 'nerve sedative' to ensure a good night's sleep and less stress. Dr. Schulzes is one of the best blends I've ever used/heard of.
--Dr. Christopher's Adrenal Formula: Sadly, since his children took over the company after his death, they no longer use organic herbs (and the last thing you/anybody needs is to be spending money on toxic, ineffective herbal products). This formula (which was originally a blend of equal parts: Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero), Mullein, Lobelia, Ginger root, Hawthorn berry, Cayenne ) is incredibly BALANCING for the adrenals, there's nothing that 'ramps up' the adrenals or 'limits them', it's a blend of herbs that are adaptogenic (causes the adrenals to adapt to the current state of the body) or act as nourishment to the adrenals. That's the Eleuthero, Gotu Kola & Mullein in the formula. I made this as a tincture, but didn't it didn't seem to do much. And then I remembered - Dr. Christoper was treating 1950-1960 levels of adrenal distress - those in 2009 are at least twice as extreme. So I made a new batch, and doubled the three main adrenal herbs. Oh yeah! This feels SO good & right...and I've had several folks report it's very beneficial.

And lastly (but VERY importantly), at *least* 1 Tablespoon of Ashwagandha root powder daily (2-3 is probably better). This is likely THE best adaptogenic adrenal balancer on the earth (and it promotes sound sleep!). And if you responded well to steroids (I think I recall you saying that), this is going to be a Godsend to you. It tastes TERRIBLE, but it doesn't matter. When you see the information in these links, I'm sure you'll want to order some asap. It's currently out of stock at Mountain Rose Herbs, but my back-up source for Ashwangandha is Starwest Botanicals, here's the link:

(If you order it, make SURE to get organic - this is primarily grown in India, and they still use DDT in India). And please don't get any type of 'standardized extracts', there's way too many active ingredients in this herb for 'science' to play their guessing game at which is most effective. Our natural bodies need the plant in it's natural form.

Here's a few links on the efficacy & benefits of Ashwagandha on the adrenals/hormones/stress:

Just fyi: Dr. Schulze always used tinctures rather than capsules - the tinctures assimilate into the bloodstream almost immediately, capsule assimilation is based on the condition of your colon and your transit time. When I did my first colon cleanse, I started with IF#2 in capsules, until I saw lil' black 'peas' in the toilet, which I discovered were undigested capsules...argh. I immediately switched to the powder.

Oh my, I just looked at the clock...well, this has been great (for me) to get typed and into print. I hope I didn't overwhelm you with too much information...yet at the same time I hope it gave you just the 'food for thought' and information you need to take CONTROL of your own health and body. It really isn't rocket-science - it really is very logical and understandable. I wish (oh how I wish) I would have had the time to explain all the benefits and reasons to cleanse the liver and kidneys...but I ran out of time, I wanted to make sure I got back to the recommendations for you.

Please let me know if there's anything I can explain further (or if you'd like to set up a time to call and chat a bit).

Blankets of blessings -


EDIT: I can't buhLEEVE I forgot/missed this, and it's VERY important: everybody on the planet (no matter how perfect they perceive their diet to be) NEEDS double/triple doses of some kind of organic 'superfoods' daily. Our soils are so poisoned & depleted that it's estimated their nutritional value is around 75% less than the beginning of last century. Our bodies cannot run daily (let alone have the energy to heal!) unless we're giving them all the high-grade fuel they truly need.

SuperFood by Dr. Schulze

Supplements-Mineral and Vitamin Supplements The HONEST STORY

(Dr. Schulze no longer makes his original Superfood - it can be found retail/commercially at Health Freedom Resources)


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