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Re: Hallelujah Diet? by kathryn101 ..... Juicing Forum

Date:   12/31/2005 10:23:05 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Oh my GOODNESS!!! Don't get me started on the Hallelujah Acres Program! :-)
Well, too already did! :-)

I've studied natural healing since the 1970's. Several years ago, after our last
little rascal left the nest...I went to work for one year at our local health food
store just so I could study under the naturopathic doctors that had owned the business for 4 decades. I learned VOLUMNS!!! They were old and cranky...but
I DID survive! :-)

It was like a health food store/clinic...and people would come in with this or that...and get a consultation if they needed it. After a short time...they were
so impressed with my knowledge that I was allowed to do consultations on my own. :-)
HOWEVER...the first day I was on the first 3 customers were there when
we opened at buy books and supplies for the Hallelujah Acres Diet for friends or family. None of these 3 people knew each other...they just happened to
all be there at the same time. As well read and studied up as I thought I WAS...
I had never heard of the Hallelujah Acres Program. But my dad, now 82, is a
baptist the name of the program really caught my attention...and I
began asking them questions. I was so impressed with what they all 3 told me...I
bought the books, and the videos and took them home that night and began studying
them myself. I was immediately obsessed with the Hallelujah Acres Program. :-)

I have helped people in our area for years, myself...with this or that health problem. And this just sounded too good to be true. So before I started recommending the program to others, I wanted my husband and myself to give it a try.
Now, we were in our early 50's at the time...and fairly healthy...didn't really
have any major complaints. But we went on the program...and stuck with it for
3 weeks...we were planning to stay on it for a month...just to see if we could
tell any difference. But after 3 weeks...we were wanting our steak...and our
ice cream (we're not that much into those things anymore...we are finally learning
to eat to live instead of living to eat.) So after 3 weeks...we threw in the towel.
We had written down just how we felt before we started the diet...and we had
kind of poor night vision...wore glasses to drive, etc...had a few Arthritis aches
and pains...but that was about it. HOWEVER, after the 3 weeks...we just could not
believe the difference in the way we felt. We'd get in the car and forget to take
our glasses..night vision improved dramatically...arthritis was history...and brain
fog...that we didn't even realize we HAD...lifted. We had so much energy...and our
minds were sharp as tacks. It seemed insane to go back to our old diet...but we
thought..."well, we know where this program IS if we ever need it". How dumb! :-)

I have never completed the training to become certified as a 'health minister' with
Hallelujah Acres...but I know it like the back of my hand and would put myself up
against the best of them. I have seen it turn so many things around it is unbelievable.

We have friends, who just this past June...went to one of the Hallelujah Acres retreats in Tennessee. The wife just wasn't very healthy in general...and the
husband had horribly deformed fingers from arthritis. They said on their first
day, a man was brought in on a stretcher in a vegetable state. When they left
at the end of 7 days...he walked out on his own. And our friend with the deformed
hands....his fingers are as straight as mine right now...except his knuckles on
his two middle fingers are still slightly swollen.

It's just a wonderful program. You can take their free monthly seminar if you
want to drive to Shelby NC...and they will send you their free magazine. I buy
back issues for $1 each by the box load...and just give them away. I leave them
in doctors offices...mail them to friends and family that live away...I give them
away all the time.

I just can't say enough good things about the Hallelujah Acres Program. And their
big thick green paperback book "God's Way To Ultimate Health" one of my
favorites...and I have a collection of several hundred books on natural healing.
It can usually be bought on ebay for pennies, by the way.
OH and the health food store/clinic that I worked at...??? They stopped carrying
the Hallelujah Acres books and videos...because as the 'doctors' said to me..
"We can't keep this place open selling CARROTS!" :-)
Too many people were turning their health around by following the books and videos.
I hate to admit that about this old couple...but it's the truth.

I could go on and on with stories...but I have tons to do today. Hope some of this
has helped. kathryn


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