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Re: Is my dentist sane by #68716 ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   1/14/2009 6:27:40 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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"If you are going to make a bold statement like that, provide proof."

No, I make bold statements all the time that don't require proof, and have no need to prove anything to anyone. If you can't see it, then no amount of "proof" would convince you, and I have better things to do. You're free to ignore me if you like.

Of course, you haven't read Price's seminal work now, have you ??? Else you wouldn't have asked for such proof. That work was published 79 years ago. The medicos in Chicago who control what books young dental students read, don't want them to learn that stuff. It's also why MD's arent taught the truth about Iodine being useful in bodily functions other than thyroid hormone manufacture. I can provide proof on all of this, but none of the work was done by myself, they were double blind studies involving the cure of fibrosystic disease in a wide range of female tissues. Indeed, there are many things your licensors do not want you knowing. Your job is to provide allopathic treatment, and only a tiny dose of truth is necessary for that.

My guess is, that you believe fluoride to be good, and that fillings bearing mixed copper/tin Amalgams aren't harmful as well. It's not your fault, just what your were taught.

People do make errors, dentists are no exception, which is why they're REQUIRED to carry insurance. I'm not the type to let anyone in my mouth, whose livlihood views my mouth as their cash register.

Based on my knowledge and experience, dentists are the last ones a person wants to visit.

You'll keep making money from other people's ignorance of nutrition - don't worry - the market is quite secure.

But don't think for a minute that when the tooth is filled with gutta percha or whatever you want to pack in there, that the tubules are all covered / blocked and unavailable as loci for infection. Read Meinig's book, which will give you more of an education than you have, then come back and let's discuss it. He has more experience than any of your professors.

I'd also recommend you become familiar with the work of Hal Huggins, DDS if you do not want your schooling to have interfered with your education. You'll truly be better for it.



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