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My Favorite Juicing Books, as requested by Nils & meezteeckles's... by kathryn101 ..... Juicing Forum

Date:   12/5/2005 7:02:34 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I was asked by Nils and Meezteekles’s below for a list of my favorite
juicing books. I have many books and even videos. But I definitely
have my favorites. And I have even bought these books just to give
away…that’s how much I believe in the authors and what they have
to say.

My all time favorite books are by N W Walker … he just had a way
of laying it all on the line. Even a grade school child could easily
understand them. And they are just packed with good priceless

My 3 favorites of his are:
The Vegetarian Guide To Diet & Salad
Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices, What’s Missing In Your Body?
Vibrant Health

The Diet & Salad book isn’t just recipes, although they ‘are’ in there.
But he also talks about what real nutrition is…food combining and how
to attain better health by following a specific plan.

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices is an extremely good book. In this
one he pinpoints all the juices and tells exactly what each one does for
our bodies in just a few short paragraphs or less. He also lists all the
main ailments and tells what they are…how we came to have them and
what we need to do to turn each ailment around and send it back to Lala Land.
He also gives the juice formula for each ailment. This, I guess is my favorite
of his books…but it would really be hard to decide…because they are
all so full of much needed information. This book is mainly about juicing
and what it can do for whatever is ailing us. PRICELESS!!!

The Natural Way To Vibrant Health is also very good. In this one Dr. Walker
talks about each one of the main glands and organs in our bodies…tells us
why we have each one…what they each do…and how we can keep them
all healthy. Great GREAT book!

Dr. Walker has other books…on colon health…the Hunza people…one called
Becoming Younger….and others…I could go on and on about Dr. Walker…
I have all his books…and cherish them. He was a walking encyclopedia on
health and natural healing.

Two other very small paperbacks that are priceless are:
Make Your Juicer Your Drugstore by Dr. L Newman
Drink Your Troubles Away by John Lust
These books are very small…just normal paperback size…but just packed with
Really good information. Priceless info on turning around your health.

And then there’s Bernard Jensen …He has quite a few books out…and I have many
Of them…but my favorites of his are “Nature Has A Remedy” & “The Healing Power
Of Chlorophyll”

God’s Way To Ultimate Health, I guess is my all time favorite book about
Health and healing. It isn’t just about juicing, but all aspects of healing our
Bodies and keeping them that way. It cost $18 new…or you can get it on ebay
Usually…for just pennies. It was written by Dr. George Malkmus of Hallelujah
Acres (

I don’t really have favorite websites on juicing…I’ve read about juicing on the
Internet…and there’s tons of good info on there. You can just type in
Juicing + Health Benefits and find some good websites…change the
Wording if you don’t find what you want. I KNOW there are websites
That give specific juicing recipes for specific ailments. They just don’t
Come to my mind right now.

The main thing with juicing is that you don’t need exotic fruits and veggies…
Just the basics will do what you need…I always start with carrot…then
Usually add spinach…then sometimes, beet, or celery, or cucumber, or
Parsley. I’ve even added broccoli, cauliflower, just any number of
Veggies. Never add any fruit except apple to veggie juice.

Veggie juice is cleansing and healing…fruit juices are cleansing.
And juicing is the quickest way to turn your health around. You can add
Your green powder if you use any of those…or your ground flax seed
Or lecithin or any number of other things to your juice.

I often add some of the pulp to our salads. There are just tons of books
in the book stores and on the internet about juicing...but so many of
those are just not worth carrying home. I don't know about the ones
you mentioned, meezteekles's...I haven't had a chance to look them up.
They may be fine. But if you get the above books...and they are ALL very'll have all the information you could ever want to know
about juicing and it's benefits.

We use a Champion juicer and we've had it for about 15 plus years...and
it still works like a charm. We even make 'phony ice cream' with it and
it's delicious. Just freeze a few bananas and run them through the juicer
...add just a spoonful or two of organic peanut butter...and you have a
delicious...nutricious dish of 'ice cream'. Hope some of this has helped.


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