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Re: Andy...Here's some good info... by Andy2 ..... Juicing Forum

Date:   11/16/2005 11:42:18 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I immensely appreciate all this good advice.
I'm very new to juicing (3 weeks or so), but so far I can really tell the difference.
2months ago I decided to stop chemo. It wasn't working. Actually it was a second line chemo. Very strong.
When I decided to stop chemo I didn't know what to do, but one thing was sure: the onus was now on my hands and not on my oncologists'.
The cancer I'm battling is a metastasic liver sarcoma with nodules in the right lung too. One year ago I also had chemo for cancerous germ cell tumour in my chest. I even went into palliative care. After two surgeries the tumour was removed. Things haven't been easy for the last 1.5 years. Specially at my age, 29. But now, is different. An ultrasound 2 weeks ago showed that the tumour growth has stopped. My blood markers last week went down to normal. Yesterdays live blood analysis showed that I'm recuperating quite well. And also, a recent electrodermal screening test only showed that my gallblader still needs some work. However, the same exam 2 months ago was terrible. Almost all my systems were either stressed or underworking at the time. In summary, I'm proving how effective are medical alternatives and having the adequate mind set. Is to note that I'm working with 2-3 naturopaths, and choosing the medications and guideliness that I consider more valuable from each one of them.
I have done a lot of things. Basically, alkaline diet, (I became vegetarian), lots of water, pancreatic enzymes (wobenzyme), alkaline drops.. Also homeopathic detoxification with syllibum and tanaxicum. Coffee enemas. Anditoxidants yamba, barley life and vitamin c (2-3 grams / day). Additionally, I'm also into frequency treatment (rife machine) and papimi (ion magnetic therapy). OZonated water, and also breathing ozone. I recently receive a portable sauna to help detox. Doing trampoline and as mentioned before, juicing. I want to become a juicing master, because after this 2 months at home doing intensive treatment and research, I realized that juicing is the way to go. I'll get asap the books you mentioned.

Before being diagnosed, I had a normal diet, nothing special but no excess at all. I had some beers but stopped after getting married (5 years ago), never smoked and practiced a lot of sports. I never considered this to happen to me. But, based on the way I feel now, and how I imagine myself in the future, I thank God for this valuable experience.

There are many things I want and need to do. Most of them I don't know them yet. For instance a parasite, kidney, liver - gall bladder flush, urinotherapy, energy balance, oxygen chamber, other type of antioxidants, alexander technique, cancer vaccines... are some of them. I think that I've had a lot of good luck. Finding this forum is an example.

Again thanks for your support,

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