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prtunes...You CAN turn your health around! by kathryn101 ..... Juicing Forum

Date:   11/9/2004 7:29:13 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Prtunes...I am so sorry no one responded to your post. I'm
only on here for a few minutes about 3 times a day...and I just
didn't notice it.
HOWEVER....Read the post from Sherry just below...and see what
she and her husband did. Then read my response to her below
that...with the subject line..."Sherry Hang On".
You absolutely CAN have total control over your's
just depends on how BAD you want it. And it IS a hard road for
many of us. I know this stuff like the back of my hand...and
STILL, my husband and I don't stick to any one program to the
letter. We eat deep
outside in the fresh air and sunshine. But then, we're not
too proud to have a good steak or a bowl of ice cream,
either. :-)
Sounds like most of your problems stem from your high carb
intake. That will cause your depression, low energy, IBS,
Do you have a juicer? If you do, I would suggest you follow
Sherry's diet for just a couple of days. Don't try to flush,
or cleanse, or zap anything.:-) Just relax...and back off of the
bad foods. So many posters recommend drastic measures to get
a person started. And that's all well and good if a person
is extremely disciplined. But many of included...are
NOT. So just forget changing your LIFE...just concentrate on
changing TOMORROW. I say, tomorrow...because you will need to
get a few supplies in to get going. Raw salad ingredients,
apples, grapes. You'll be surprised how EASY it is to get
through the day without Sugar and high carb foods...IF you can
just get through EARLY MORNING. will notice a
difference within one or two days.
There are a couple of things you can do for your depression
that should help you immediately. Add B Complex 100, Zinc,
a good multi vitamin, and maybe B12 sublingal...but don't take
ANY of this on an empty tummy. That should give you a quick
jump start on your Depression and low get you
going. If you take it on an empty tummy, you will be nauseated.
But if you have a little something first you will not.
Your urine will also be bright yellow from the first day on
B Complex....and that's OK!
If you want help on coming up with a "plan"...let me know..
and I'd be glad to give you further information. But YOU CAN
And remember...when you get up on your first day of juicing and
eating're not heading for're
heading for MIDNIGHT of that first day. When you get up the
next morning...just eat healthy...walk 5 minutes 3 times
that day...and head for midnight of THAT day.
YOU CAN DO IT! kathryn


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