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Re: yes they do, and here's how by Claudia. Italy ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   12/29/2008 8:29:33 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hello dexterity,

I firmly believe now that ALL diseases have psychic and even spiritual causes. So diet helps a lot, but the CAUSE is elsewhere...and very difficult to find it out and solve it.

My advice: keep on meditating and take ORIENTAL MASSAGE classes, chances are that the real experience of having to use your hands can lead you to discover "your internal cause" (which meridians are affected + past experiences of your life you re-live because your unconscious has not forgotten!), and hopefully to solve it.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer believes that eczemas are created by a conflict of separation, by the sudden lost of body contact. Lost of contact with the mother, our group, family, friends or partner.

I quote Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life", p.127:
THE HANDS grasp, hands hold, hands clench. We let things slip through our fingers. Sometimes we hold on too long. We are handy, tightfisted, openhanded, penny pinchers, butterfingers. We give handouts. We can handle ourselves, or we can't seem to handle anything.
We put a handle on something. It's hands down. It's hands off, hanky panky. We give someone a hand, are hand in hand, it's on hand or out of hand, underhanded or overhanded. We have helping hands.
Hands can be gentle or they can be hard, with knotty knuckles from overthinking, or gnarled with arthritic criticism. Grasping hands come from fear - fear of loss, fear of never having enough, fear that it won't stay if you hold lightly.
Tightly grasping a relationship only has the partner run away in desperation. Tightly clenched hands cannot take in anything new. Shaking the hands freely from the wrists gives a feeling of looseness and openness.
That which belongs to you cannot be taken from you, so relax.
THE FINGERS each have meaning. Problems in the fingers show where you need to relax and let go. If you cut your index finger, there is probably anger and fear that has to do with your ego in some current situation. The thumb is mental and represents worry. The index finger is the ego and fear. The middle finger has to do with sex and with anger. When you are angry, hold your middle finger and watch the anger dissolve. Hold the right finger if your anger is at a man and the left if it is a woman. The ring finger is both union and grief. The little finger has to do with the family and pretending.

Keep faith,


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