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Ordering MH products by iptumu ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/21/2008 7:50:49 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hey MH and gang

Hey guys hows it going? Well Mh i have been reading the posts and decided to go ahead and ordering your products. I sent an email with the order but got no confirmation back so im guessing something mustve happened darn no worries ill call in tomorrow and make my order. I called on friday but got the voice message and then had to go to work so didnt leave a message.

I plan on ordering 2 bottles of dewormer, 3 kidney/pancreas/heart bottle, 3 bottles of LBB, 1 Lecithin(liquid) and 1 2oz oregano oil.

Im currently suffering from ulcerative colitis according to the medical world. you have given me great advice in the past such as using distilled water so i bought an kenmore water purifier and started adding maple syrup which i get at the local grocery store which i hope is ok. I also ordered 1 bottle of LBB and 1 bottle of kidney/pancreas/heart bottle in the past. AT first when i took 4 LBB after 3 days i started getting diarrea about after 30 minutes taking it which is a sign that im constipate but im also 100lbs due to my inability to absorb food due to the ulcers in my colon. so i started taking 1 LBB and moved on to 2LBB .... now im taking 6LBB a day. Next week i will be up to 8LBB a day 4 morning and 4 evening.

My problem is frequent urination even if i eat or drink small amount 5 minutes later i urinate so annoying. And once i do finish about 2 minutes later i have urine dripping out just a little bit i have no clue why. I know the kidney is the first organ to become sick shall we say or fail. I am almost finished reading your book 108. Another problem is i am always confused. I also forget things alot. I can wake up and feel dizzy. I cant concentrate and also im always so tired I really just drag myself and i have to force myself to do things. I cant sleep because i always feel the need to urinate. It feels like my bladder is just so full and it comes out something just drops and sometimes alot. Sometimes its dark and sometimes its clear.

I fasted for one day with no water and no food and i got so thirsty but i hung in there and next morning had some water and fruits.

I know i have to go on the mucusless diet but i have to find a good organic food store. Im not taking anymore drugs because i got tired of shoving pills down my throat they wanted me to take up to 15 pills a day including steroids, anti biotics, anti inflammatory. It always feels like something is stuck on the left side of my abdomen and its always on the same spot.

I know with time when i apply your book 108 and gain some weight back i can do the orange juice fast. But i need to get better because i honestly dont see the point of life at times living like this and everyone is just so stuck in the medical world which i no longer believe in. Im 25 and feel like life has been taken away from me. This started when i was 23. And at first i was told i was depressed...what joy.

I cant wait to call in and order the products. Im guessing i should call in the morning which is another problem waking up...always so darn tired i really gotta change this...its getting depressing. I know i should go a liver flush. But i gotta deworm first. Unless i do one before the dewormer and then after the dewormer. I also hope i get the products since im living in canada. But i will order 10 items hopefully that is bulk

Haven an awesome week ahead of you MH and love your forum its giving me hope else i will seriously take whatever savings i have and come see


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