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My Experiments with magnet by San2006 ..... Magnet Therapy Support Forum

Date:   11/7/2008 8:32:55 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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So I actually took 15 rare earth disc magnets ( 3/4 " dia) and stacked them to make one long cylindrical magnet.

I immeresed this cylindrical magnet in tap water for 15 - 20 mins.

I have a PH and ORP meter and I measure ST by penny test.

I noticed very little change in PH and ORP values of water subjected to magnetic field. ( I tried both N-pole and S-pole side dipping into water)

BUT, I noticed a REDUCTION in Surface Tension of water by this penny test. The ST of magnetized water ( N- pole and S-pole both) was reduced quite a bit. This explains how magnets are used in laundry and can replace soap. Probably because they are also lowering the ST of water, just like soap.

ST lowering would mean, LESS COHESIVE force among the water molecules. And hence SMALLER CLUSTERS of water molecules.

Does it make sense??


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