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Quick Success with Homemade Homeopathic Allergy Remedy by larx ..... Allergies & Intolerance Forum

Date:   10/15/2008 9:57:15 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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- Within the past week I happened upon a home-made homeopathic allergy remedy I had copied down in 1998 and I just tried it and have had success within 3 or 4 days. My side-effect is a brief, mild cold. The ingredients needed are onion, alcohol and water. See directions below.
- I've been allergic to a number of foods for over a decade. My reaction is generally a breakout of about a dozen or more little scabs on my face and scalp, not pimples, or hives, or normal rash.
- I was vegan from 1983 till 1996 [no animal products and mostly raw food]. Some [including Mary Enig, I think] say that vegan diet leads to Leaky Gut Syndrome, which is the cause of most or all allergies. My diet is still mostly raw food, but includes now raw eggs and sometimes cooked sardines or poultry.
- Last year I started having rye sprouts every day, but they gave me the above allergic reaction, I suppose because of the gluten. The reaction was mild, so I was putting up with it, until I came across the homeopathic remedy last week. My breakouts were getting progressively more numerous lately, even though I cut down on rye sprouts and increased sunflower sprouts.
- By the way, I was also getting extreme fatigue for the past year, but a few weeks ago I read on Curezone about apple cider vinegar being nutritious as well as energy-boosting. I tried it and found that the vinegar does indeed give me a lot of energy. I tried Dr. Schulze's remedies with vinegar in the late 90s and the vinegar always seemed to cause severe burning pain in the rectum, if I used it for a few days, so I seldom used vinegar until now. I remembered lately that aloe vera is supposed to soothe the rectum etc, so I started drinking a teaspoonful of aloe vera juice each day and, so far, it or something has prevented a return of the burning pains, despite my use of vinegar. I take at least a few tablespoons of vinegar a day now.
- Here's the Home-made Homeopathic Allergy Remedy, using onion, alcohol and water. Dr. Schulze said vinegar can be substituted for alcohol, but said alcohol is better [for getting herbal nutrients out of herbs and into the solution]. I don't know if this applies to homeopathy too.
- Step 1.
Get 2 Glass Bottles and 2 Containers.
Number the Bottles 1 and 2 and number the Containers 1 and 2.
- Step 2.
Mix 14 tb [Tablespoons] Alcohol and 2 tb Water in Bottle #1. Call this A.W. for alcohol-water.
- Step 3.
Mix 1 tsp [Teaspoons] Crushed Onion with 9 tsp A.W. in Bottle #2.
- Step 4.
With Bottle #2 Hit Hard the Palm of your Hand or a large book 15 times [to mix the solution homeopathically].
Pour the contents of Bottle #2 into Container #1.
Mix 1 tsp from Container #1 and 8 tsp from Bottle #1 in Bottle #2.
Pour the remaining contents of Container #1 into Container #2.
- Step 5.
Repeat Step 4 either 6 times or 12 times.
If A.W. runs out, make more according to Step 2 [or make half that amount].
- Step 6.
When finished, the Contents of Bottle #2 are ready to use as a Homeopathic Remedy for Allergy.
Put 1 Drop in 1 Glass of Water every 3 hours and drink it.
Do this up to 6 times on the first day. Then do this once each Morning Till the Allergy Improves.
- My allergy breakouts mostly disappeared after 3 or 4 days, but I got a very brief, mild cold right after that [today]. I don't know if it's possible for a Leaky Gut to heal that quickly. Maybe my leaks were very small. Anyway, it's great to have found such an easy remedy for my breakouts.
- Good Day.


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