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HPV just diagnosed by #48334 ..... STD Alternatives Support Forum

Date:   10/13/2008 6:09:11 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi All, my doctor just diagnosed me with hpv after an abnormal pap. He said I don't have the strain that causes warts but I do have the kind of high risk hpv that's been associated with cancer. He also said that if my immune system is good enough, my body may fight off the infection on its own and it will be gone. I have always been careful and monogomous and have been with my current bf for a long time now. My doctor told me that if he did not already have hpv and passed it to me then he probably has it from me now. If my immune system fights this off and then I test negative for hpv does that mean it's gone forever or is it just lying dormant in my body for me to worry about for the rest of my life? If I fight it off and continue to have intercourse with my bf will I get it again or if he fights if off and we are both clear can we still somehow get it from each other again? Anyone have any suggestions for boosting one's immune system? I go in for a colposcopy asap but I want to fight this thing every way I can. I'd appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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