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Re: Hey Everyone: My CAT is gone and so is my EC by seattle ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   9/29/2008 12:41:51 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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wow - that's awesome! i don't know if you've been following my posts, but recall that i posted a while back that while i was in lovely costa rica, by the ocean, my skin was just Glowing! AND... my lips were so moisturized that i didn't even need chapstick. and believe me, i have (or maybe had, hopefully) EC Really, Really bad. unlike many of you, i have atopic dermatitis, Extremely allergic skin-- that's on top of my dermographism that i was born with. if you think you have it bad on your lips, i get what you guys get All Over my skin when i have a severe allergic reaction to certain chemicals and cosmetics.

anyhoo... i haven't had Any problems with my lips for a week now. no peeling, flaking, cracking, etc., etc. i've been religiously slathering on IMPRUV cream (or physiogel in europe) every night, every morning, and whenever i feel i need it. so that's one. (i think that helps repair my skin.)

Another thing i've been doing: SAUNA! omg, my skin is Glowing again and my lips feel Completely Normal.

my point: i just wanted to concur with cureforcurezone about your humidity theory. i think the combination of using imruv cream (a barrier repair cream for eczema and allergic skin) plus using the sauna has absolutely done wonders for my lips. no more tearing when i smile or eat. (at least in the past week & a half.)

i also experienced really great skin while i was vacationing in hawaii. my lips improved while i was there. connection?

want to repeat again that i've Never been a lip biter or lip licker. i've read about factitious cheilitis--about folks who pick at their lips and thus develop EC. you guys need to figure out first Why you're doing this and what's going on in your noggin. for you, this could be completely Neurological. see a Therapist.

for those of you who haven't done an allergy test, get it done. you might have allergies to a lot of the stuff that some of the folks are recommending here. be careful.


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