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Re: we believe what we think ourselves to be by An105bodies ..... Fight Club

Date:   9/29/2008 12:02:36 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Not at all

The truth is Amiel and every other human on this earth, even the enlightened, are in the POV of their POV

And they like us experience maya, (not invincible) but illusion -it comes with the territory when you are encased in a focused POV (your senses and sight-likes and dislikes)or certain perspective- even if you are blonde and unfocused and run around in a babydoll with a large rack- you still are a focused POV

This is the beauty of God's creativity, the karma aspect is what keeps us coming back for more, eh?

Today at the yogi temple there was some talk about 10,000 lives as lower, animal, vegetable (I know you eat them) and mineral, until we have has the pleasure of becoming human, we are the closest creature to God

Read carefully- We have attached to that spine of yours 3 more energetic spines that allow you to decide (given your meditative practice and your astral abilities as well as your casual incarnate)to leave the pale and live on without death- soul meets spirit and becomes the true you-It then will be your choice to come back as a loving and helpful enlightened master and be humble and help others attain the ability you have attained _ one dorky human at a time_ Or if you are as cute and hunky and manipulative (mainly because you know best) as certain CZ owners you could have 12 women soul mates, twin flames (and all that other nonsense and crap)that you can cavort without your clothes on with and show them the beauty of these spinal cords and ascension practices

Then you may get a porsche a green "home" in Ojai for your ability to give this experience and you will feel loved and fulfilled by all the women who want to love and please you

Oh wait that's the other guy! Sorry

And the last part is a lie, you will probably end up in a kettle of trouble with your indiscriminate womanizing, but then that's another story

Short version maya is everywhere and there is no truth as long as the illusion persists

What one resists persists

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