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12 years later secure cure by ask vanja ..... Ask Vanja

Date:   9/12/2008 1:23:15 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Twelve years later:

When helping others, we shouldn’t have the desire to help them. As human beings, we have some knowledge and insights, which we gladly share with others, but whether that would help them, it does not depend on us (it should not depend on us). We should let God to decide (Dear God, let it be your will).

When helping a person, we shouldn’t feel sorry for that person because with that feeling, we would take away some part of his/her essential energy, which is necessary for the fight against the illness.

If we feel sorry, we are sending the following messages:
“I don’t respect you.
I don’t respect God.
How can God give you such a hard assignment?
You cannot fight this problem, you are too weak!
Only I can do that for you.”

In that moment, in our best attention (the best attention is the road to hell), we step into the field of POWER.

We act like a God. We take away the hardship from that person, and with that, we take away the possibility for that person to get the lessons from life.

Furthermore, we endanger our own life.
We are in the danger zone.
Our ego endangered us.

We did not help the other human being.
So what did we do?
We did nothing good.

That's the truth in any life situation, whether we are talking about a panhandler, or about a mother who has an ill child, or about a family who has several ill children, or about a mother who is ill and has two small children to take care of … that’s always the truth. If we try to help because we feel sorry for somebody or because we empathize with that person, we will ruin everything.

Instead of empathy and feeling of pity, which is basically the feeling of FEAR and not the feeling of LOVE, we have to find the emotion of pure love, and that’s compassion.

Is there a difference?

In our tradition of a family education, there is almost no difference.

But in reality, there is a fine line that separates the two.

Because the feelings of empathy and pity present a real danger, many people decide to do the opposite.

They stay away from the person who has a problem.

To excuse themselves, they often say: “That’s not my problem. I cannot do anything there.”

Is that really so? Are we really that helpless?

Sometimes somebody needs nothing more than our presence, to show that we have the strength necessary for existence.

In order to exist, one has to be HERE and NOW!

To be here and now, we have to take out from our hearts the feelings of shame and fear as some of the lowest emotions.

Some people just need to hear a few encouraging words from us. Or we can tell them about a cure that we know of, or about a healer that may help them. If in that moment we don’t have time to share that information, we should remember it and share it with them later. We should not try to escape helping others because with that, we often lose.

What is the complete lack of emotions for the suffering of others?

Again, that’s our ego.

We have accepted the death sentence before we have even tried to fight, or God forbid help somebody. In that case, we stay on the margins of life. Because of the fear of encountering some problems, we do not recognize God (LOVE) in every human being. We do not see that the meeting with that person is the meeting with ourselves.

We are not alive, not even for ourselves.

We slowly die and avoid all the positive fights, which in interaction with other human beings, we could have gained for ourselves.

We are bored.

The life passes by us.

We did not learn anything.
What a waste of time on this beautiful planet.

So where do we find the balance?

For me, it is not easy to find it. I am still searching for it, from one coast to the other. I make mistakes, I fall and rise, but with every new experience, I become stronger, aware of the real LOVE, which is:

-capable of UNDERSTANDING because it shows me the larger map
-capable of FORGIVENESS because across from me there is yet another human being
-capable of TRANSFORMATION, and from us, who merely have a potential, create a HUMAN BEING!!!!!!




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