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where to go next after several flushes but still constant pain? by kezmet ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   8/28/2008 7:30:46 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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hi everyone, i love reading this forum and am so impressed by the level of intelligence and integrity and plain good sense i read here. it supports what i have believed for many years, that with a little research and attention to our intuition we are in a much better position to work out what is wrong with our bodies than doctors are.

actually i have a terrific doctor who is supportive of the steps i'm taking to rid myself of Gallstones and i think is curious also to see what and whether it works. my naturopath on the other hand is telling me to rip it out. i'm disappointed in her and would love to prove her wrong, that i can heal myself.

getting down to business, i have a gallbladder full of Gallstones and more or less continuous pain. eating in any form whatsoever, even juices causes spasms of the gb. i'm assuming its spasms but can't really say for sure what causes the pain - under the right ribcage and extending around the ribs.. i also wake up in the morning with that nagging pain behind my shoulderblade and go to bed with it at night. i have done 3 Liver Flushes in the last 2 months with very little success. the constant pain gets me down and is worrying sometimes. my naturopath says i will damage my liver if i allow it to go on. is this true?

i have been taking milk thistle, gold coin grass, psyllium, lecitihin. i have ordered humaworm herbs on the advice of folks from this forum but we know this will take a while. have also recently ordered chanca piedra.i eat a wholefoods, organic, mostly vegan diet with occassional meat and dairy. very low fat. i also have cfs and fibromyalgia which are not too bad at the moment. the only med i take is a small dose, 2.5mg, of zolpidem to sleep sometimes and a daily dose of ibuprofen with small amt of codiene (this is an over the counter drug in oz). i have numerous food allergies and continue to develop them. is there a relationship btwn allergy and gallbladder pain?

where can i go to from here? the constant pain, which i manage with peppermint oil caps (but they're becoming less affective with constant use), is a drag. does anyone have any advice for me? i wonder if i should just go hard and do back to back to back flushes until i get some relief. my doctor who is also a doctor of chinese medicine says i am too weak to be doing purges really at all, that it is too cooling if i remember right.

i would appreciate any advice at all or encouragement.

cheers kez

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