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Practical real life solutions that you think reduce odor the most by #17924 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   8/20/2008 4:34:34 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone

Can we make a list or post comments telling everyone what you think has helped reduce your odor the most.

I ask for all posts to be non judgmental. i.e. if any of the things listed have not helped you, maybe they did genuinely help the person posting.

So to start

1. Diet, which one is best for you and why?
2. Medical tests you have done and any other conditions allergies
3. Does anyone think their odor is a side effect of other medication they are taking?
4. Any success with Chinese herbs, acupuncture etc?
5. Supplements like milk thistle, odor cleanse, chlorella, charcoal, probiotics, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement
6. Liver Flushes any good, strict detox plans etc?
7. Anything else, no matter how strange that helped

If we are doing something practical and realistic to try to combat odor then it might lift some of the stress related to worrying about it.

So will give you an idea of my answers.

1.To start I have asthma and allergies. I think somehow that is related. From testing I am allergic to the nightshade family of foods. Tomatoes potatoes etc.

2. I think from the white coating on my tongue I have a fungus or mold of some sort. Not sure if it is candida. Molds give off a lot of toxins and could be slowing down the liver so that it is overloaded and can't keep up with detoxification. Then pressure is put on all other forms of detox and lymph is probably slow too. I don't do any cardio exercise to move the lymph but walk and cycle a lot. Will need to change that. I have a yellowish tinge to my skin and get liver spots. Some people call them age spots but I am not so old. I think there has to be a liver connection somewhere with all of us.

3. By medical testing I am sub clinical hypothyroid and I am not taking drugs to correct it.

4.I was tested for 2ndary TMAU and was positive once and negative twice. Doc's said I didn't have it anymore after taking Antibiotics . I think that is rubbish as the odor was very evident before during and after the Antibiotics .

5.Chlorella made me smell terrible, terrible comments as I can't smell it. But when I took Chlorella it was particularly bad. (Maybe the Chlorella was helping me detox as it is supposed to be a very strong detoxifier and it released loads of
toxins and it just needed to get worse before better)

6.Pro biotics and diets seem ok but no radical breakthrough.

Things for the future. Liver detox diet. Liver supplements. Any and all detox herbs including cilantro which is supposed to be good with turmeric. De stress.

Looking forward to your ideas


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