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Illness causes, getting healthy through spiritual, emotional, and physical healing by ask vanja ..... Ask Vanja

Date:   8/18/2008 6:09:39 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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We have a physical body, spiritual body and an emotional body.
Illness starts from spiritual body, through emotional and finally physical body.

Illness on the spiritual level could be our heritage from our ancestors.
It could also be a black magic or a curs.

Illness on the spiritual level is like a hole in our energetic body (our energetically body looks like a gold egg, our aura.)
We become weaker for every deeper emotion and we easily get open wounds on our soul. Those open wounds make energetic blocks in our material body.

Those blocks make deposits of dirt and we become an excellent host to pathogens like bacterias, viruses, and parasites.

We become aware of illness when it appears on the level of physical body, physical symptoms.

If we are open enough, we could recognize hidden signals given to us from our emotional or spiritual body much earlier. Unfortunately, most of us don't know how to recognize those signals and symptoms.

In our culture, some emotions are not to be shown. We are suppose to hide many of our emotions. We often try to hide tears, we hide or try not to show anger, sadness, love, joy, etc...

This is our collective train to hide our emotional body.

Just because we hide something, it doesn't mean it is non-existant. If we can't show some of our emotions, that emotion stays deep inside of our soul like a stone and it makes as heavy.

When we collect many stones, we are burdening more and more our spiritual body, making it more dark. When our spiritual body becomes dark, that is when our material body starts to suffer.

That is how we become ill.

Sometimes, we give our "stones" to our children, thus creating a "heavy" future for them.

Taking care of our emotions and learning how to show and how to handke them is a real art of life.

How to do this?

You should take care about communication! Especially communication inside your family.

Inside our families, we can practice how to show our really soul and emotion.

You should give a chance to every emotion inside of you. You should learn how to release them, how to express them.
Teach your children how to express their emotions. Explain to them what happens whne we fill our body with negative emotions instead of filling it with love.

Psihotherapy can help.

Hellinger's therapy, "Orders of love" or family conctellations can help.

Visiting a good Homeopath can help. A homeopath can work on your emotional body, and on the deposits from your ancestors.

If we have sincere relationship whit people who we love or people who are important to us, then we have a chance to heel ourself. Then, we will be healthy and we will have healthy children.


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